Top 10 activities during the fall season


Credit: Cavan Helms

Cavan Helms, Sports Editor

You’re sitting on your couch and you look out the window. The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, and you can feel the cool air from inside your house, it must be fall. Fall brings us many great and fun things, and using my own personal opinion, I have made a top 10 list of the activities fall brings us.

        1. Celebrate Thanksgiving

This is the most iconic fall holiday. Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday with the most value because of all the events during the day. 

To start off the morning, you get to watch Thanksgiving parades all over TV, starting at 11:00 A.M., then at 12:30 P.M. The Detroit Lions take on the Buffalo Bills. Later in the day is the staple of Thanksgiving, the feast, with the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and more.

       2. Enjoy the colorful leaves

Autumn leaves create the fall aesthetic, and without the leaves changing and falling to the ground, fall would be a bottom-tier season. Looking out the window and seeing the leaves while listening to music adds even more to the season. You can also jump in a pile of leaves, or your parents can force you to rake them!

        3. Watch some football

Watching football and playing fantasy football with friends and family are also great fall activities. The NFL changed a lot this year based on the skill of teams, and there are a lot of new threats in the American and National Football Conferences that were not there last year. This will make for  a really entertaining season.

        4. Carve a pumpkin with friends

 You can make an entire afternoon out of pumpkin carving, it’s a fun family event. You go and pick out the pumpkins together and then come home, blast some Halloween music and carve them. Now, there is one downside: a lot of anger can be exerted during the carving process, so carve at your own risk. 

        5. Celebrate Halloween 

 A lot of people may be mad that Halloween is in fifth place. The only reason it is still in the top five is because of the joy it brings to younger kids. In younger years for lots of people Halloween was easily the greatest fall activity ever, but as teenagers grow up it feels like a waste of time. Buying candy at the store is a much better option now. Halloween parties are fun, though.

        6. Take a nature walk

 You are probably very confused right now on why a walk is on this list, but it really is a great fall activity. Play your favorite song and walk around your neighborhood with the changing of the leaves, dim fog and a cold breeze. When you return home you will realize why this is in the top 6. Here are some of my favorite spots!

Kleinstuck Preserve

Bow in the Clouds Preserve

Asylum Lake Preserve

         7. Find your way through a corn maze

 Doing these mazes with family or friends is very fun, and doing it multiple years in a row makes you better at solving them. Corn mazes are full of laughter and joy, and the fear that you will never leave the maze again makes it even more enjoyable. There will be a short five second span where you fear for your life, but this really tops off the whole experience. Here are some mazes you need to check out!

Kalamazoo Corn Maze

Harvest Moon Acres

Deep Roots Produce


         8. Eating donuts with apple cider 

Eating apple donuts and drinking a warm glass of apple cider is an essential fall activity. If you have never tried it, you need to. Here are my favorite spots I have visited this year.

Verhage’s Farm Market and Cider Mill

Gull Meadow Farms

         9. Test yourself in a haunted house

 The reason haunted houses are so low is because it isn’t as scary the older you get. In past years it used to be really scary walking through the halls of a haunted house, but last year and this year it hasn’t been as scary or fun as usual. Haunted houses can be something you grow out of, but they are still a staple of the fall season. Here are some great spots!

Nightmare Kalamazoo

Psycho Ward

Dark Syde Acres

        10. Apple picking with family or friends

Apple picking will always end up being a few hours for me, this is because I am very specific and picky with my apples. I love eating apples, and they are also very good with peanut butter, so I like to get the best possible ones. Here are some great spots to check out before falle ends!

Bourner’s Orchard

Corey Lake Orchards

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