Orcas are the apex predator of the ocean and they deserve to be free


Credit: National Geographic

Orca swimming freely through the pacific ocean, looking for a snack.

Cavan Helms, Sports Editor

When you think of the top dogs of the ocean, you’ll most likely think of a shark, or more specifically, the great white shark. 

I thought this for a while too, then I grew up. 

Orcas have over quadruple the bite-force of a great white, are much longer and are almost 5 times bigger. You could combine all the abilities of the shark species to create the super-shark, yet it still wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat the “Killer Whales.”

The mako shark is a bullet in the water, reaching up to 31 mph but orcas can reach up to 35 mph. They often chase alongside boats, easily keeping pace. 

 Years ago, in Mexico, 2 orcas decided to have some fun with a boat going around 40 mph. These two orcas are seen jumping out of the water and even swimming upside down and still effortlessly keeping up with the boat. 

As this video may seem cute, it is extremely scary that these orcas are so quick. Since the orcas know they can keep up with boats, they are starting to attack. Off the coast of Spain, orcas have been seen taking out the rutters of boats with coordinated attacks. Victims on the boat added that, at one point, the orcas were pushing the 37 foot machine in the opposite direction that they were driving.

Luckily for us humans, orcas in the wild have never killed a human, so the orcas were probably just having some fun. The reason that orcas are so smart is because they have the second-largest brain, right behind the sperm whale. Orcas overall are the third smartest animal in the water and only show direct signs of aggression to humans when in danger, which is when they’re held captive.

“Held captive” are two words that should never be in an article talking about a 32 foot, 22 thousand pound beast. Unfortunately, there are some greedy individuals and businesses that will do anything for a dollar. The most greedy of all being Sea World. 

With a quick google search of Sea World, you see people having fun, with graceful, and healthy orcas leaping out of the water. Unfortunately behind the scenes would require a graphic warning, with many orcas seen attempting suicide and sitting still for hours at a time which is something orcas never do in the wild. These behaviors are a sign of severe depression, something no creature should have to endure.

These big organizations clearly do not understand that they are emotionally, mentally and physically draining these animals, or they just simply don’t care. Either way they need to be stopped. 

Unfortunately, many petitions to shut down SeaWorld failed, but there is one right now currently sent out to the California governor and is 70 thousand signatures short of the 150 thousand goal. 

Go vote now, so we can finally return these socially deprived, depressed animals back to where they belong.