Assistant librarian, Pam Landis, to retire after nearly 40 years serving KPS


Credit: Charlie James

Pam Landis assists sophomore Reginald Potters in servicing his Chromebook. Landis has been a go-to knowledgeable and reliable person to deal with Chromebook issues.

Charles James, Guest Writer

“Mrs. Landis kinda runs the school in my opinion, or at least a lot of things behind the scenes that are necessary for the school to function,” said Loy Norrix librarian John Kreider. “She’s absolutely an unsung hero. She helps people on the staff solve problems all day every day, and she’s been doing it for a long time.”

Assistant librarian Pam Landis heads towards retirement following her 40-year career working for KPS. Landis, while formally titled the assistant librarian, is constantly occupied with numerous crucial tasks throughout the school year such as compiling an inventory and fixing student and staff Chrome books, providing students with resources and connections to ensure safety and success, and even assembling the announcements early every morning.

“Even when I’m sick at home, I make the announcements. Teachers and students send submissions, so I can compile everything that they would like announced,” said Landis. “My job was two and a half people, and now they’ve retired and it became just me. Now I’m dealing with Chrome books too.” 

Landis has been publishing the announcements since the early days of her career and managed the LN TV cable news production established in 2002, which she considers a treasured memory of her time at Loy Norrix.

“We did the whole lights, camera, action, broadcast. I just supervised them, [student broadcasters] but it was really fun working with those kids,” Landis remarked.

Although LN TV is no longer operating, Landis’s responsibilities haven’t ended. She notes that dealing with student accountability is an evergoing challenge.

“Just a lack of respect and the knowledge of what respect means to a lot of students now, whether it be to the school, a chair, or other students,” said Landis. “I know a lot of students see me as pretty hard and mean, or they don’t like me which doesn’t bother me.” Landis continued, “I think once they stop and think about what’s really going on, they’ll realize that most people here want to help them and aren’t just trying to be mean.”

Landis has remained unbothered by any disrespect, overcoming these obstacles with her sense of humor and by not taking everything personally.

While Landis has a reputation for being strict among students, freshman Aspen Kirkpatrick said, “She’s [Landis] really kind and respectful – like she always is – and I love her as a librarian. I’m gonna be sad when she’s gone.”

Landis also is held in high regard among Norrix staff. John Krieder, who works with Landis, cherishes their connections within the library.

“She [Landis] is like a dear friend, and I’m really glad we’ve been able to work together. She’s also a really fun person to work with. She knows how to have a good time, and I think that’s important in this world,” Krieder continued. “She is also not afraid to lay down the law in the library which is maybe one of the things she’s known for: she’s dedicated to keeping the library a place that students respect.”

Additionally, social studies teacher Richard Rashad said, “She [Landis] is nothing but love and warmth!”

Landis attributes the compassion of the staff to her functionality.

 “All of the teachers are supportive and helpful. They understand if I can’t do something and will pitch in and help. They understand where I’m coming from,” said Landis.

When asked about leaving the Loy Norrix community, Landis said, “I’ve always felt at home at Norrix. I would go to Norrix before any other schools.” 

Nearing her retirement, Landis leaves her influence on all of the students and faculty she’s interacted with in her extensive career: Whether it be by keeping the school population informed on important activities every morning, being an adult in the building students can trust and turn to for any kind of help, or providing students or staff with a functional Chromebook.

“I hope people can see how I’ve supported kids, teachers, and humankind; even if we were bumping heads in the beginning, once people realize I’m not so bad, and then we can sit down and have a conversation,” said Landis. ”You just have to give people a chance.”

In retirement, Landis looks forward to cleaning up her house, planning and relaxing, spending time with her granddaughter, and as she claimed “fighting the deer.”

“I’m ready to fight the deer in my neighborhood. They just eat everything,” Landis laughed. “They come out of the pine trees, knock on my door, and eat all my flowers!”