The Weeknd Digs into Girls’ Hearts with Album Kiss Land


Photo Illustration The Weeknd's album Kiss Land placed #2 on weekly sales with just under 100,000 copies sold.  The Weeknd started as a YouTube sensation in 2010.
Photo Illustration
The Weeknd’s album Kiss Land placed #2 on weekly sales with just under 100,000 copies sold. The Weeknd started as a YouTube sensation in 2010.

Lately, the end of a Friday and Saturday night has been called something a little different, it has adopted the tempo and lifestyle you can name Weeknd. September 10th, 2013 marked the day artist The Weeknd released his new album, “Kiss Land.”

Abel Tesfaye, better known to the R&B/Pop music crowd as The Weeknd, has left people at a loss for words for his work. Tesfaye has developed the unique talent of being able to rap and sing better than almost anyone in history according to his partner.

Drake is the other half of The Weeknd’s legacy and group OVOXO who will release one of the top albums of the year on September 24th 2013. The artist Drake appears in  many Weeknd singles and makes an appearance on “Kiss Land” with song “Live For,” the message of this song is to live everyday to the fullest.

“Kiss Land” after the first day sales is predicted to sell at least 100 thousand copies after just the first week of it being released according to SOHH hip hop. Amazing singles on the album such as “Pretty” and “Live For” featuring Drake are also expected to make their way onto the billboards shortly after being released.

The “Kiss Land” album gives listeners songs to connect with issues in love. Tesfaye relates his music to his love life over the years that has been a rough road.

Falling out of love is something the album presents as a fear of never finding the ‘one.’

“The album brings listeners a story, a scary story, one that no one else can express through music the way The Weeknd is able to,” said senior Julia Fiore.

Songs throughout the album such as intro “Professional” shows a total change in beat midway through the song, driving the listeners into an unforgettable introduction that draws the listener in with the deep beat and lyrical genius throughout the song.

Lyrics such as, “You need someone to tell you how to feel and you think your happiness is real” dig into girls’ hearts in search of the right guy.

Other songs later in the album such as “Live For” give listeners a change in tempo of music that picks up a new fast pace beat with a deep bass to blow through speakers at maximum volume.

Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye did not disappoint with the release of “Kiss Land”. It is only the beginning of this R&B artist’s fiery career, leaving many singers behind come sunset on late Weeknd nights.