Induction of the Loy Norrix National Honor Society new members

Photo by Haley Pfeil

By Jenna Fiore

Eighty pints of blood donated from the blood drive, $1,300 raised from the bread lift, and only 58 members; this is the Loy Norrix National Honor Society.

Tuesday, December 7th, the Loy Norrix National  Honor Society (NHS) held their induction ceremony for the new junior members.  As the members walked into the ceremony, they were presented with a speech by the Kalamazoo Public School director of secondary education Timon Kendall.  Next the current NHS officers spoke about the four central characteristics of National Honor Society members.  These four characteristics of scholarship, service, character, and leadership serve as the basis of the Loy Norrix National Honor Society.

The Loy Norrix NHS co-advisor Art Williams said that applicants needed to have “above a 3.5 GPA, strong teacher letters of recommendation, demonstrate the four principles of NHS, and have completed two leadership and four service projects” in order to be invited into NHS.

Two Loy Norrix seniors and 27 juniors demonstrated these qualities and were inducted in the Loy Norrix chapter of NHS this year.  Junior Ray’Von Jones is one of these new members and is excited to participate in the upcoming annual blood drive at Loy Norrix.  She believes that her good grades and service through Loy Norrix PeaceJam made her an excellent candidate for NHS.

Ray’Von Jones first heard about National Honor Society from her 9th grade mentor Bryanna Bocardo.

“She had good grades and did so much for the community,” said Jones, “It made me realize that NHS was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Community service is the number one responsibility of Loy Norrix NHS members and their goal is to complete one big service project per month.

“With our new members we are really trying to improve the quality of our service and make sure it is top notch,” said Williams, “The induction serves as a formal ceremony in a serious procedure.”

This ceremony is just the beginning and there are many service projects to come.  Loy Norrix looks forward to the work its new NHS members offer.  Congratulations to the new National Honor Society inductees.