Loy Norrix Freshman Still Playing Soccer After 10 Years

Olivia Boblet plays hard for Portage Soccer Club.

By Amanda Riemer, guest writer.
On a rainy Saturday, you feel the anticipation building up as the game is starting and you hear the coach directing teammates. While you smell the freshly cut grass, and see the brand new white painted lines on the field, you start running and feel your cleats mash into the mud as the rain falls.
This is a typical Saturday for freshman Olivia Boblet. When she was about four-and-a-half years old, Boblet started playing soccer and has loved it ever since. Now at the age of fourteen, she is an outside midfielder for Portage Soccer Club.
“Playing a 90-minute game of soccer is an intense experience, and affects your whole body, from your brain to your feet,” according to Livestrong.
For Boblet, soccer helps her more mentally than physically.
“Soccer always helps me maintain a positive mood,” said Boblet.
One time about two years ago, her funniest memory was when she was at a championship tournament and she and her teammates were in a competitive mood when an opponent got very angry and pulled Boblet’s hair. Most wouldn’t say this is a funny situation but now that they look back on it, it’s amusing.
“If it wasn’t for the support of my family, I wouldn’t be as far as I am today,” said Boblet.
Her family continuously brings her to the games and stays to guide her along the way. When she was younger, some of her cousins used to play soccer but now she is the only one.
Her favorite part of playing soccer is the competitiveness with her teammates and that each player gains something from every game.
“Play with not only the intention to win but also to gain knowledge about the sport in general,” said Boblet.