Spirit Week: Tuesday

Christian Baker

Today the theme is dress like a teacher day. The senior class had the highest percentage, therefore they won today. Tomorrow is dress like a celebrity day.

brad schmidt spirit day tu
Math teacher Brad Schmidt dressed up as the Dean of Students Christopher Aguinaga. “I dressed up like Mr. Aguinaga because he dresses real spiffy and I want to be spiffy too,” said Schmidt.

kaneka cole spirit day tu
Freshman Kaneka Cole dressed up like Math teacher John Larson because Cole wants to see him in a different way. “He tucks his shirt in, I don’t because I feel like I want to see him without it [Larson’s shirt] tucked in,” said Cole.

lora worline
Junior Laura Worline dressed up as Anne Lewis because she likes her style. “I dressed up like Mrs. Lewis because I think she has a nice fashion sense,” said Worline.