Senior’s Reflect on High School Memories


Its finally 2016 and here at Loy Norrix High School most of our seniors are preparing for graduation. Since June 9th is getting closer, seniors are becoming more emotional because of the realization that high school is coming to an end.
Between preparing for graduation, trying to attend all the last high school festivities, and starting orientation at the colleges of their choice, students enjoy looking back on some of the memories from the past four years.
My four years at Norrix was nothing short of a wild roller coaster. When I came to Norrix I was the new kid. I knew nobody but my cousin. I settled to Norrix quick, but I made a lot of mistakes. Skipping class, not doing work, getting in trouble and I started to hate Norrix. When my sophomore year was over [or] I didn’t think I’d graduate on time or even at all. I debated on leaving Norrix, but I decided to stay and actually try to see if it got better. When I went to class and did my work and passed everything I started to see the good side of Norrix,” Lee continued, “If you actually see your counselor and talk to them whether it be serious or just small talk in the hall, they will try their hardest to make sure you graduate. My four years at Norrix have been the worst days of my life but also my best. I love this school for what it is, and I’m proud to be [a] Knight.”
There are some seniors that struggled during their four years in high school. It may have been due to family problems or illness, however that didn’t faze them from trying and working as hard as possible.
“My freshman year was okay, my mom had been diagnosed with cancer during that time so it was hard to balance school and trying to help her out. I kept trying though, even though I wasn’t doing as well as I could’ve,” said senior Emm Barker. “Sophomore year was really rough, on January 22nd my mom had passed away from a blood infection due to unsterilized needles at the hospital. I couldn’t focus on school because of that.”
After that Barker didn’t care about anything school-related because she didn’t see it as a big deal. Then during junior year everything started to go downhill for her. She was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and stopped coming to school and tried to end her own life. However she came back this year as things have started to improve for her.
“I went back to school this year though, I haven’t gotten a grade under a B. I’m actually trying to make friends, study, and I finally got my life back on track. I decided to work my way up to being a psychologist. High school can be super rough, but with the right help and resources it’ll be somewhat easier to get through,” Barker continued. “The four years go by very fast, and some days may feel like they drag on, but it really zooms by. Some days you try to think back on some things and it’s hard to remember what all had happened that year.
Senior Andrew Samuelson moved to Norrix last year from Springfield High School located in Springfield, Illinois. He has since then made a connection with Norrix.
“Norrix is my home and I am glad and super proud to be a knight and to fight for our school on the swim team my junior and senior year. Once a knight always a knight. Overall, I loved my high school years and couldn’t say I regret anything. Live life to the full[est], and I think I achieved that throughout high school. My advice is not take for granted your youth, you only have one time, and if I could I would totally go back and relive it,” said Samuelson.
Senior year is the year everyone looks back on when remembering their experience as a high schooler. The seniors have had some fun times and gotten through some tough times. It’s only natural when you run into an old classmate that you will start to reminisce on the old days. High school is a bittersweet time; you’re ready to go, but not ready to leave.