The New Apple AirPods Flying High

Maxwell Link

Senior Mitch Mansfield sits in Mr. Hosler’s classroom during lunch listening to his new Apple AirPods. He has owned them for about two months and brings them everywhere he goes. Photo Credit / Max Link

Technology these days has thrown people off their feet with crazy inventions such as hoverboards, 3D printers and google glasses. But there is one invention that tops all of those, the new Apple AirPods. With bluetooth technology, you can now listen to music with no cord and even better sound.
There are many features to the AirPods that make it one of a kind. Some of these special features include the one tap power activation to turn them on, or the double tap to talk to Siri (an artificial intelligence personal assistant for Apple products). The AirPods are able to sense when they are in your ear and pause when you take them out, and they are always powered on and connected.
Mitch Mansfield, a senior at Loy Norrix High School, is one of the few students in the school who own a pair of the Apple AirPods. He has owned them for about two months and believes that they are a great asset.
“They’re really good. My favorite feature on the AirPods is the double tap feature on each earbud and the 30 yard connection,” said Mansfield. “I think they have better quality than the normal ones and it solves my pet peeve with the iPhone 7.”
The iPhone 7 comes with one port that can either play music or charge your phone. The Apple AirPods solve this problem with the its bluetooth connection, and you can now do both at the same time.
The AirPods cost $159 plus tax, which is quite expensive for a pair of headphones, but with the unique features and the great sound, it’s a fair price and you will get your money’s worth.
“The price was super expensive, but the more and more I use them, the more I believe that it was worth the price,” said Mansfield.
Music is a large part of our society nowadays, and the AirPods have made listening to music a better experience. Apple products have shot through the roof in sales since the Apple AirPods were released. They have taken a large chunk out of the beats share of the wireless headphones. They have people back on the edge of their seat waiting to see what unpredictable invention will come out next.