A Collection of Varied Responses

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Dear Editor,
I read the article “Students Should Consider the Benefits of School Uniforms.” I like it a lot because I think it will help the students out along with preventing some bullying. Just cause I mean some people are more/less fortunate and it would make an issue like that go away.
Then I think it would help with school spirit maybe. Since everyone is already would be wearing school colors. Then it would maybe help stop some of the arguments about dress code.

  • Tyler Rivera, senior

Dear Editor,
I found this edition of Knight Life really interesting. I am an exchange student, so I don’t actually know a lot about Loy Norrix: Reading this articles gave me a great point of view: I loved the positivity with which students wrote about it and many projects dedicated to it- like the “We Are Loy Norrix” project of Mariah Sarelis. I also found very interesting the articles about anxiety (written by Sophie Nehlsen) and depression (written by Maya Crawford), actual and real facts which people should know about and try to help and understand. The newspaper deals with almost every kind of amit – from sports to theatre to social media – and I think this is a good thing because everyone can find they’re place on the paper. This was the first Knight Life I’ve seen and I loved it.

  • Flavia Cocchi, senior

Dear Editor,
My favorite article in our school newspaper is “Lack of Focus in School: Holiday Edition” because I find it relatable. I agree with sophomore Ella Sennell who said “most of the time it’s my peers who distract me.” I feel as if my peers distract me also, by the noise or comments. It makes me anxious because I try not to respond. I also agree with senior Evie Bartley when she says “I would say it’s a lot easier to concentrate and work in school right before break…” because you don’t want to have homework on break. It’s like a relief. It’s a goal you want to have before break. But when coming back from break, I feel less motivated to get something done. Because my brain has been relaxing. When the author says that we have to get back to our normal schedule when school starts, because our decisions will be impacted.

  • Keyara Price, freshman

Dear Editor,
I greatly appreciated the article on NOVA downtown. I’ve been a huge fan of virtual reality from the beginning and I love seeing it promoted. There are some things that I think should have been included in the article. The article mentioned that headsets “typically cost around $800” and I felt that that was misleading. While the HTC Vive headset, the one used by NOVA, can cost $800 a piece, the main competitor on the market, the Oculus Rift, costs around $400 a piece. In either case a computer capable of running on will run you about $1200. Despite my issue, I did greatly appreciate the article. My personal favorite VR game is “Echo Arena,” a competitive team game of zero-gravity ultimate frisbee.

  • Griffin Abbott, senior

Dear Editor,
I was reading the article “Comparing Generation Z.” There’s a part that stands out to me that happens rarely. “Today’s ten year olds are learning to complete full faces of makeup on youtube before they learn to love and appreciate themselves.” I honestly think that’s completely wrong, just because they wear makeup doesn’t mean they don’t love themselves. Me being a male that wears makeup and agreeing with that would make it seem like I don’t appreciate myself enough to not wear makeup. I know many males and females that wear makeup that give them that extra pop just to feel extra, not because they’re insecure. But apart from that I agree with the division in generation Z. Parents need to discipline their kids correctly and show them when it’s appropriate times.

  • Anonymous student

Dear Editor,
Zach Liddle’s article on conservative viewpoints at Loy Norrix was a much needed breath of fresh air for Knight Life. Having levels of unbiased in this paper is critical, yet every time I get a copy of Knight Life, liberal viewpoints are shoved down my throat. Also, as one of the few conservatives at this school, I can tell you that he’s completely right. We feel ostracized because of a view we hold or candidate we support. This treatment of people that are different than them is the exact opposite message than the one liberals “stand for.” In closing, treat everyone with respect, regardless of their political association. We are all Americans. It’s time we start acting like it.

  • Anonymous

Dear Editor,
I really liked the “What a Teen’s Instagram Says About Them as a Person” article. It caught my eye when I was going through the newspaper. I think this article was very interesting. Personally I know the three people in the article and I follow them. So as soon as I saw the article, I knew I should read it. Also I liked this article because it made me think what my Instagram says about me, and what people think of me when I see it.

  • Anna Morris, freshman