Students Respond to Different Types of Music

Dear Editor,
In the article, “Loy Norrix Student’s Can’t Stop Listening” by Lydia Achenbach I liked how it talked about the different people and what they liked in music. I liked how out of all the 5 people they compared, it was different ethnic groups. I really liked DJ Pierce’s choice of music because I could relate to him and I also like Kodak Black, he is one of my favorite people.

  • Alaysha Hughes, sophomore

Dear editor,
I really liked the article about the what types of music people like because it’s cool to learn about different types of music. I personally like pop/rap music and it’s fun to learn about different kinds of music. Also it’s fun to learn about what other people like and how different others are from others. It’s fun to see how different people are from me.

  • Annie Mansfield, freshman