Remembrance of Regan Capps

Jasmine Alcocer

cappsRegan Lee Capps  2001 – 2018

Regan Lee Capps was a bright and colorful person with lots of spunk. You could spot her in the hall with her bright and fun colorful hair with her hipster style, white glasses and an array of fun printed leggings.  Regan had a unique sense of style  and warm smile that certainly set her apart. 

Regan enjoyed watching anime, playing instruments and just making people laugh. Regan enjoyed spending time with her friends  and playing with her pet snake.  Regan loved hot wings, tacos and really anything that was spicy. 

 “Regan was a very brave and strong person ” said Loy Norrix alumni Audrey Tillison. 

Regan was a very outgoing person and very real person.

 She knew that her time was coming to an end, but kept it real and never let it bring her down.  Even through her last few day she kept on staying positive and furthering her education. 

Jen Aniano said she enjoyed having Regan in her class was described as a student who wanted to learn. Jen said “Regan spoke her mind” referring to the free spirit that Reagan had. 

“Regan is also described as a person who often put others before herself,” said Aniano.

  When asked what were some things that stood out about Regan, Taylor Gray said “She made sure everyone was happy first before herself.”  Taylor had also said “ Her bold personality to pursue what she wanted” and “Regan’s sweet personality with an adventurous mind .

Regan was a caring and unique person. She will forever be missed for her sweet personality and the way she cared for others. Reagan showed us her strength her realness and her love. A truly remarkable young lady who will be missed.