Students Welcome a New(er) Kalamazoo Promise Student

Dear Editor,
I read “New Freshman Makes a (Kalamazoo) Promise Change.” I thought it was a great article that really brought insight to the fact that not all students come from previous public school experience, and that the sheer amount of kids as well as the way things are taught is a real difference to some. I like how you brought insight into one person’s life and how they are doing in terms of classes and finding clubs where they belong. It was also quite cool to see an article about someone I know and to see a small insight into his life.
Sagan Barber, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read about “New Freshman Makes a (Kalamazoo) Promise Change.” I thought there wasn’t a such thing as a Dungeons and Dragons club because I’ve never heard of it in school. I liked the energy and excitement Elliot Russell was having about Loy Norrix High School because when Elliot first came to Loy Norrix High School which was in the ninth grade. He had to overcome all his fears. His thoughts about everything was overwhelming, Elliot then joined the esports team and everyone thought he was an outstanding guy. I think Elliot made the right choice about switching schools from private to public, he gets half of the Kalamazoo Promise now.
Martavion Mabon, sophomore