Students Show Incoming Freshman A Little Piece of Norrix

Jaelyn Anderson

Every year Loy Norrix has incoming freshmen from Maple Street and Milwood middle schools come visit the school to get an idea of what high school will be like. Administrators explained all the opportunities that Norrix offers, many groups preformed for them and they got a tour of the school. The middle school students got to have an entertaining sneak peak at what their future could consist of.

Senior Abigail Hauke asks an 8th grade volunteer to describe her day. The forensics club then acts out how her day went. Photo Credit, Jaelyn Anderson

The master singers pretend to be Tetris pieces as they sing the games’ theme song. The song they are singing is a mash-up of different games’ theme songs. Photo Credit, Jaelyn Anderson

Athletic Director Andrew Laboe tells all the incoming freshman about the sports offered at Norrix. He encourages students to work-out at Norrix over the summer. Photo Credit, Jaelyn Anderson

Link Crew leaders split the 8th graders into small groups to give them a tour. Senior Nick Thompson shows his group of 8th graders the four corners. Photo Credit, Jaelyn Anderson