Bringing the heat: The Class of 2023 student section tackles the new school year


Credit: Cavan Helms

Loy Norrix students gather and show their support at the Norrix and KC soccer game, with a fun pink out theme.

Alex Buckley, Sports Team

You’ll know where to find the Loy Norrix Knights on game day. With bullhorns, team colors, and pounding fists, the student section gathers to support our fellow Knights. 

Chants rain down: “What time is it? Knight Time!” 

Led by the class of 2023, the student section is stepping up their game this year. Passing the baton from last year, the group is packing the sidelines of sporting events to show the true fight we Knights have in us. 

“I think we took off right where we left things last year, and I think it was nice that I got some experience last year, as a big part and as a big role in the group,” said senior Wendy Miedema.

Focusing on positivity, the student section has been filled with excitement and passion this year. With many returning and new members, the program is bigger and better. All classes, from freshman to senior, have come to support Loy Norrix’s various sports teams. 

“Our freshman class is so big, getting them out to so many events has been really nice and keeps things exciting,” said senior Wendy Miedema.

Miedema, the leader of the student section this year, said she came back to the program for many reasons.

“I just couldn’t stop doing it. I had so much fun last year that I just wanted to continue what we had started and show that I could be a leader, while having some fun at some games,” Miedema said.

Another priority for this year’s student section is giving that extra bit of encouragement to our Knights out on the field. They want to both show and tell the athletes that they are on their side, with unique themes and peppy spirit.

“It makes me more motivated, and I want to play better in front of them.” said sophomore football player, Chase Miller.

The seniors of the student section also want to focus on the sports that don’t receive as much attention, such as women’s volleyball and women’s swimming and diving. 

“Women’s swimming and diving are undefeated three seasons in a row. They’re just amazing, and not enough people go to their meets. But overall, they’ve just been so much fun, and we need some more people out there to support our Knights,” said Meidema.

With many more games and meets left, the Loy Norrix student section wants to make students feel welcome and get everyone out to the upcoming sporting events. Go Knights!

“The fans and student section do help me while I’m out on the field. All the cheering and energy, actually makes it feel like I’m out on the field for a reason,” said senior varsity soccer player Jaksun Wayman.