Dancing in the Hallways Leaves Students Indifferent


Last week Link Crew had an interesting new idea to play music on the LN Radio during passing periods in the hallways and in classrooms.
“We wanted to spread our Fish Philosophy. The four main parts of fish is play, make their day, be there, and choose your attitude. Dancing in the hallways was basically about having more positivity in the hallways,” said Grace Labadie a member of Link Crew.
There was a different theme of music for each day of the week. Some students really enjoyed the music, although others thought it was strange or annoying. Some teachers even requested that the volume on the radio be turned down because it got distracting.
“I like Michael Jackson but I think some of the other music is really weird,” said junior Caleb Fuhman.
Many other students said they enjoyed the songs by Jackson, but none of the music that they really like was played because it wasn’t school appropriate.
“It’s kind of annoying. It could be beneficial if it was actually good music and could put people in a better mood,” said senior Maggie Danver.
“Hearing music before class put me in a better mood than having nothing at all,” senior Damian Harvey said.
“Students seemed much happier in class, although they didn’t really like the music,” Said Business teacher Atiba Ward.
“It was all pretty good minus the Disney music themed day,” said Ward.
Students walking through the lower K wing during this musical week would have seen Ward and Paul Mahar, Aquatics and Nova Net teacher, dancing around the hallways with passion, especially on the Michael Jackson themed day.
Student’s opinions on the music were very scattered. Some said it put them in a better mood and others argued that it just annoyed them. Although not many students actually danced in the hallways, the music was a fun way to spice up the day and brighten the moods of certain students.
-Caitlin Commissaris

Connor Peterson struts his dance moves in Loy Norrix hallways.
Connor Peterson struts his dance moves in Loy Norrix hallways.