Juniors Prepare for the ACT


March 3rd, 2015 is the day the juniors of Loy Norrix and all across the state take the ACT. The “American College Test” is a standardized achievement test that assesses students’ knowledge of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science, along with an additional Writing portion.
Juniors prepare for the ACT in different ways, including stressing, studying and sleeping.

chhay wong
Chhay Wong

“I have been studying for the past three weeks, and I plan on sleeping a bunch tonight.”
kegan garrison
Keegin Garrison

“I’ve looked over ACT prep books, and I’m just going to go to sleep early tonight, and eat a good breakfast in the morning.”
jane labadie
Jane Labadie

“I already took the ACT once so that really helped. Ive also been studying a little bit out of the ACT book. [To be ready tomorrow morning,] I’m going to go to bed early.”