"Urinetown" a Must See, to Play for One More Weekend

Felippe Santos-Suto tells the exposition of "Urinetown" Thursday night in Loy Norrix's Spring musical.
Felippe Santos-Suto tells the exposition of “Urinetown” Thursday night in Loy Norrix’s Spring musical.  Photo Credit / Drew Pawloski

By Guest Writer Chris Hybels
The premise of the musical “Urinetown” is based around a society that is forced to use and pay for public amenities. Society was forced into this system because of lobbying by Mr. Cladwell, owner of the amenities. Till one day a young hero, Bobby Strong stands up and starts a revolution against Mr. Cladwell’s company, in order to re-establish the old way of life.
“Urinetown” performed by Loy Norrix music department is the combination of over-the-top toilet humor, with an underlying theme of government corruption. The production was masterfully brought to the stage by Loy Norrix’s own physics teacher Trevor Stefanick who directed the musical and music teacher Julie Pelligrino who was the musical director.
Within the play we yet again see great performances by Joriah Fleming and Felippe Santos-Souto, who played Bobby Strong and Officer Lockstock, respectively. We also see the development of Sophia Boismier and Christian Heintzelman as performers on the stage. Additionally, freshman Grace Erway, gave an incredible, but unexpected performance,  who portrayed Miss Pennywise.
The musical has three more showings on the 27 and 28 of March at 7:30pm, in Kasdorf Auditorium.