October’s Teacher of the Month, Jay Peterson

Frankie Stevens

Jay Peterson teaches his college readiness class while his student Will Keller presents. Peterson has been teaching college readiness for three years. Photo Credit / Frankie Stevens

“It was eighth grade when I knew that I enjoyed history and helping my classmates, and as I went through high school, the desire to help and teach grew. It’s just something that felt right,” said Loy Norrix teacher Jay Peterson.
Peterson has been a teacher at Loy Norrix for three years. Before he taught for eight years in KPS, he was a principal for eight years at Mendel High School. At Loy Norrix, he teaches government, college readiness, and world history. He has a handful at home with three daughters that are eleven, seven, and three.
This month, Peterson was awarded teacher of the month by his students. Students can vote in their favorite teacher through filling out sheets available in the library or main office and turning them into Sveri May.
“Sometimes as teachers you don’t always see the payoff, but to receive a recognition like this, especially from the students, it means a great deal,” said Peterson.
Peterson’s class is always filled with laughter and debates. He will let you discuss topics and won’t shut down your opinion but let you express them, while still keeping the atmosphere educational.
“He’s really fun and he allows you to think for yourself, and that is very important to me,” said junior Veronica Verity.
“To take a student that doesn’t have a lot of confidence and to have them experience some success and see that confidence grows, means everything,” said Peterson.
As you think about your interaction with teachers, think about how you influence and motivate them. More often than not they are teaching because they want to make a difference in the school and their lives. Fill out a form and show your support of your favorite teachers.