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“Started From the Bottom Now We Here” Welcome Back LNTV!

“Started From the Bottom Now We Here” Welcome Back LNTV!

aerioncaldwell May 28, 2013

LNTV has been a part of Loy Norrix since 2002, eleven years. This is how students and staff receive important information and special/daily announcements. Lately LNTV has not been appearing on screen...

I Don’t Need to See Your Bucket of Chicken Breasts #Pet Peeves

I Don’t Need to See Your Bucket of Chicken Breasts #Pet Peeves

aerioncaldwell April 26, 2013

by Sha'Kira Green and Aerion Caldwell Everyone’s taking the test. It’s quiet, but then you hear tap, tap, tap. The sound of a classmate’s pen tapping away at their desk. You stare at them wishing...

Chocolates, Flowers and Teddy Bears, Oh My! Loy Norrix Students Spread the Love with Romantic Plans

aerioncaldwell February 15, 2013

Valentine’s Day is finally here. It’s the one special day to spend with your sweetheart. Lovers express their love for each other by giving gifts to show their appreciation. Valentine’s Day isn’t...

Photo by Sydnee Stannard 
Reading and writing teacher Karla DeMott adores her dream man. She smiles as she thinks about the possibility that one day she could meet the famous Edward Cullen.

“Breaking Dawn” Part 2, Twilight Fans Heartbroken Over the End of the Saga

aerioncaldwell December 7, 2012

“Oh my god, I cant’s wait to get in there, I wish this line would move faster,” said a random teenage girl jumping with joy. People of all ages stood anxiously outside, shivering in the cold,...

By Aerion Caldwell

Test Taking Skills How to Overcome Anxiety

aerioncaldwell November 7, 2012

That nervous feeling, sweaty palms, upset stomach, heart pounding out of your chest, that’s the feeling of test anxiety. It does not only affect you, but your performance, causing you to see that letter...

Photos by Aerion Caldwell
Photo illustration by Allie Creamer

Driving Yourself Crazy on What to Wear? Let Your Mood Decide

aerioncaldwell October 4, 2012

 Clothes are like a mood ring, but for your body. Different shirts, pants, and shoes can have different meanings, for a different person. Still don’t believe me? On a rainy day, what do you tend to...

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