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Loy Norrix gets winter festive

Loy Norrix gets winter festive

March 11, 2011

By Joseph Birdsall The week of February 14 marked Winterfest here at Loy Norrix High School. Celebration of Winterfest included a pep rally, a week filled with spirit, a men’s and women’s basketball game, and to top it all off, the week ended with the Winterfest dance. The week of school spirit included the usual festivities, which mainly consisted of dr...

Friendship helps fight fear of roller coasters

December 1, 2010

By Jess Moshoginis For being so alike, there is one thing that these girls do not have in common: their thoughts about roller coasters. While junior Latroia Acklin loves them, junior Ray’Von Jones fears the big drop-offs and the feeling they give her stomach as she goes down the long stretch of steep,...

Everyone wants a tattoo

November 16, 2010

By Sa-Niqua Langford “A tattoo seems like the perfect signature for a senior,” Amari Worthy said. Amari Worthy is a senior at Loy Norrix High School. Worthy knows 17 seniors with tattoos. “I really want a tattoo,” said Worthy. Worthy does not feel she is being a follower because everyone’s ...

Student’s life revolves around iPod: he can’t live without music

November 11, 2010

By Miki Patel Music is like a drug that Loy Norrix Senior Brian Griffin can't get enough of. “I carry my iPod around everywhere I go so I can listen to it when I'm just walking around and have nothing else to do. My life pretty much revolves around my iPod. I value my iPod very much because it allows...

Loy Norrix football player does not appreciate all the haters

November 9, 2010

By Marta Grabowski If one just looks at total wins and losses, Loy Norrix’s football team is a dismal failure. However, there is more to being a winner than just how many games you end up with more points than the other team. It has been another tough season for the Loy Norrix Knights, only winning one of their nine g...

Loy Norrix students attend journalism conference

October 27, 2010

By Polina Naumova Three hours to Lansing and back, and not just for the food. Journalism and yearbook students went to the MIPA (Michigan Interscholastic Press Association) journalism conference in Lansing to learn how to improve the Loy Norrix publication, Knight Life. The award winning newspaper, K...

Loy Norrix hosts homecoming festivities


October 22, 2010

By Karylle Hillard October 15, 2010 was a day full of homecoming festivities. Loy Norrix High School celebrated their homecoming by having dress-up week, a pep-rally, a parade, a football game and a dance to end the night. The dress-up days for homecoming were: Monday mix-match day, Tuesday neon day, Wednesday jersey day, Thursday ...

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