Letters to the Editor Issue in Response to Issue 2

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Ferocious Dogs or Tail Wagging Puppies? [Pit Bull Terriers are not the Aggressive Dogs Many People Believe Them to Be].” I strongly agree that it is the owner that makes a dog the way it is. It’s not the dog’s fault. I strongly believe that pit bulls shouldn’t be seen as fighting dogs, or that just because it’s a pit bull you automatically think it’s going to attack you. My cousin had a pit bull. He was such a friendly, loyal, loving dog. That was because my cousin raised him to be that way.

  • Vallolec Rodriguez, senior

Dear Editor,
I read your article about the effects of sleep deprivation [“High School Students Face Physical and Emotional Challenges Due to not Getting Enough Sleep”], and found it very informative and well-written. It also rings very true. Seriously, I’m writing this in my first hour, trying to decide if I have time to put my head down for a minute when I’m done. Also though, in my four years of reading Knight Life, I’ve seen several articles asking for later start times, but have seen no action actually being taken to obtain them. Something should be done, rather than just written about every year. I’m on board!

  • Olivia Mears, senior

Dear Editor,
I read your story about Jaela Jordan [“Community Mourns the Sudden Loss of Former Student Jaela Jordan”]. I feel like it’s a wonderful and well-written article. I feel like you took your time and wrote this story well. Thanks for writing her story because I think all her friends can finally have peace and just accept she’s gone.
This story melted my heart because you said, “there was never a dull moment” and you’re right too. Thanks again for writing her story. I’m glad you covered Jaela Jordan, I mean she’s at peace right now. Thanks again editors and I bet her parents were proud to read this article about their beloved daughter. The way you wrote it was excellent too.

  • Dai Dreiona, senior

Dear Editor,
I was kind of set off by the article written about brutality towards police [“Let’s not Brutalize the Police for the Actions of a Few”] because it is highly unlikely that the cops are being brutally beaten or killed, versus the people of color that are harmless and killed because the cop feels unsafe without reason. I think it’s more important to focus on the POC at this time where many, not all, but many police officers have killed innocent citizens. It’s the police officers’ jobs to keep people safe. We as the people shouldn’t have to worry about that.

  • Izze Fahl, freshman