Letters to the editor: Compliments and Critiques of the Newspaper

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
I read Knights Speak in the newspaper. I liked how it included everyone’s opinions and didn’t put any bias. I like this because everyone should have a voice here. One thing I didn’t like was nothing. I really liked everything and it was just an all around good paper. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Jaime Macias, freshman  
Dear Editor,
I read a fair amount of your writing and I’ve just stopped to say that as good as this paper was it still had its positives. I liked how each page had a subject for something else. I liked how the stories were driven by passion. But I disliked how the more potential that the newspaper had wasn’t there. If you ask why, it’s because you could have added smaller stories or at least tried to add something that we wouldn’t expect.
Ramsey Prieto, junior