Letters to the Editor: Students Respond to National Walkout Coverage

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
I read the Knight’s Speak opinions about the walk protest. I really liked the answer choices, because they really captivated the thoughts of those who protested and of who opted-out. I know now that I opt-out for the same reason as others. But now that I read other opinions to protest I feel the most positive impact possible. And I don’t think opting-out would give me that. So thanks to Tramae Powell’s comment, next time I will also be protesting for peace in our place of education.
Emmanuel Anderson, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read the article about the organized walk out. I did like the article, seeing the emotion that the kids who participated showed really showed something itself. People sometimes don’t understand that even if people aren’t directly affected by the violent acts such as school shootings they are still very much affected. So many different aspects on the way things are and the way things should be. Me personally, reading that article I understand that everybody who was at the walk out felt strongly about the school shooting.
Deandre Buchanan, senior
Dear Editor,
I read ‘Loy Norrix Participates in National Walkout.’ I really liked this article, it gave me goosebumps while I was reading it. It’s an issue and thing that needs to be addressed and not just for a few days because things like this happen everyday. I was absent on the day of the walkout and didn’t get to participate, so I’m glad i read this article.
Saryna Pineau, junior
Dear Editor,
I like the basic outline of the “walkout” article, however i wish you would have given more students a chance to speak. The comments by students seemed vague. I think in my personal opinion if you focused more on the cause and student’s opinions it would be more interesting. I was hoping to hear more about it was a demistrated assembly but there was only one or two comments on it. A well written article but lacks focal point of others. Not to completely criticize i did enjoy the layout and the main focal points.
Taylor Gray, senior
Dear Editors,
I read the Loy Norrix participates in National walkout and I personally agree with the walk out itself but moving a school panned event in my opinion lowers the power of the walkout. If bundles of students plan the walkout regardless of rules and agreements t would have been more powerful because it shows that students are willing to “break the rules” to stand for, something truly and even more important, human lives. Talking bigger risks may be risky, but only if not calculated. It will lead to a bigger voice, stranger voice, and bigger outcome.
Ahmad Branson, senior