Letters to the Editor: Students Respond to Nonla Burger

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
I read ‘Nonla Burger: A Retro Sit-Down with A Modern Twist’ by Abigail Lindblade. I liked the article because it was about food of course. I also liked it because it gave me an idea on a new restaurant to eat at. Lindblade persuaded me to make me want to try this restaurant immediately. What I didn’t like was you kind of down talked on McDonalds when you didn’t have to, to get your point across.
Ishia, sophomore
Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed the article on the Diner Nonla Burger. I liked the description of the burger and the photo of the menu on the wall that shows it’s simple yet good looking food choices. In fact, I even walked down to try a Nonla Burger after reading this article. I was not disappointed. The only downside was I thought it was bigger, I understand it only seats 20 people, but the photo of the people eating it seemed bigger to me.
Aren Middleton, freshman