Letters to the Editor: Students Respond to the Good Boys of Norrix

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
I have read the article, “The Good Boys of Norrix,” and I am confused as to the purpose of the article. The article was titled, “The Good Boys of Norrix,” but it did not describe anything noticeably “good” about the dogs. The title itself does not imply worth reporting; almost everybody’s dogs are “good” almost all the time. The noteworthy occasions, are when the less frequent times in which the dog is “bad.” Despite the confusion it caused, the lack of an apparent reason for the publishment of the article was the best thing about this issue of Knight Life because it gave me a reason to write a letter to “The Editor.”
Joshua Cannon, sophomore
Dear Editor,
I read the article about dogs by Anna Kushner. I enjoyed the photography done along with the messages and information about each dog. Was there any reasoning as to why these dogs were chosen to be written about? Or was it out of convenience.
Reagan Bailey, senior
Dear Editor,
I absolutely loved the article “The Good Boys of Norrix” It’s a great headline, and of course the topic was great! I loved reading about everybody’s fluffy friends and their stories. It was a nice, light hearted article and the dogs were adorable! Not to mention I learned about a new dog breed with an awesome name -Yorkiepoo! Keep it up Knight Life!
Maya Crawford, freshman