Letters to the Editor: Students Share Opinions on Gun Control

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
I liked the article about teachers having and not having guns. I thought it was interesting to see the claims and argument they would have. I like the one saying teachers should not have guns because I agree with them. I like how they both had articles side by side like if it was a compare and contrast. I think teachers should not have guns because it is too much responsibility for a teacher especially if they accidentally fire the gun.
Luis Martinez, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read ‘Teachers Should Have Guns’, and I agree completely. I feel arming teachers would be a great thing for a ‘School Shooting Scenario’. For no other reason will a teacher need a gun in school, but since school shootings happen as often as they do, it’s smart to just keep staff members armed, as far as teachers and security. Yeah shooting a child may feel terrible, but that one life could’ve been the cause of many other children’s lives lost, right along with his/hers.
Leandre Anderson, senior
Dear Editor,
I’m sorry to say this but I completely disagree with Brandon Schnurr’s opinion. I feel that teachers should not be able to have guns in school. I say that because so many things could go wrong in different situations. What if a teacher comes to school one day with a bad attitude and a kid makes them angry and so they decide to use the weapon. What if a disobedient student somehow gets the gun, then what? The use of guns in school should not be permitted because it could cause great danger or even death.
Naviha Johnson, sophomore
Dear Editor,
I read the story about the students writing letters to Representatives. I liked this story because I really feel it can get through to Lawmakers. Hearing from actual students should make them sit and think ‘We do need more gun laws to protect our students and teachers.’ I’m glad that so many people are speaking up about gun control.
Amariah Talley, senior