The Secret is out: Special Accommodations make Students Uncomfortable


I find the written word of English very hard to learn and read. Because of this, I have a 504 plan. This may be just a number to you, but to me it means extended time, private testing areas, and one big secret.
504 plans are different for everyone. You can have a 504 for multiple reasons, health reasons, physical issues, and mental disabilities. This plan allows a student extra work time, private room settings, more passing time, and anything your parents or your doctor deems necessary.
Well the secret is out; I Ashtyn Kenbeek have a 504 Plan that allows me special accommodations in class and on standardized testing.
I was in Read 180 in sixth grade, a program to help students improve reading levels. Then I found my way out of that class and into a regular English class by successfully passing Read 180 with better scores than I came in with.
I trudged through regular English up until freshman year, only to be thrown into the hardest English class I’ve ever been in, Anne Lewis’ Honors English 10 class. I can honestly say it was the best English experience I ever had. this class was also one of the smallest classes I’ve had a Loy Norrix.
Let me tell you, it was seriously the hardest thing I’ve done! But, I survived. I figured, “What can be as hard as what I just accomplished?” Let’s be honest, I didn’t pass with flying colors, but I did become my own person and was more ready to show who I really am and tell everyone my ideas and break out of my shell. I was more confident in my learning and learning abilities, and I thank Mrs. Lewis from the bottom of my heart.
After that I made my way to Tisha Pankop, in a bigger class. I didn’t feel quite as connected to her, but I learned several things from her. However I did run into a few problems. That’s where I ran into my old self, always stressing over whether I was going to be called on, pretending I knew the words, pressuring myself to try to be better than others and make myself look better.
You would think maybe using my 504 plan would help me. Only I was embarrassed to use it, I felt like I was as smart as people that don’t have a 504. In my mind, I felt better than that and I could be better than my 504.
I was in 4th grade when my 504 plan started. I was never really sure what it was, and why I got extra time and got to be alone in a testing room. My parents never really explained it to me or really let me know what my 504 does for me, and how it benefits me.
It was really hard for me to learn and make me want to learn. Now I have learned to work through many of my difficulties. Figuring out ways to work around the difficulties I have had.
        If you have a 504 plan then you should contact me at [email protected] or swing down to K-6 and share your story.