Wrestlers Look Forward to Improve on their Success



andrew picYou walk into the gym and see the mats and the floor and hear people cheering on their athletes. You hear the ref counting 1…2….3… and then a slam on the mat. Somebody just got pinned.  Most people don’t really see wrestling as an interesting sport. However, if you come to a meet you will be happily surprised.

Wrestling is a very interesting sport. It’s not played on a field or a court, but a mat. Wrestling is a sport that uses every muscle in your body. You have to be in top physical condition to compete your best. Wrestlers are put into a weight class, so athletes don’t have to wrestle someone that isn’t their size. You have to weigh in almost everyday so you maintain your weight to be able to wrestle and not be disqualified for being over your weight class.

Loy Norrix looks to improve on their wrestling skills. The team is lead by junior, Nick May. May was the MVP his freshmen and sophomore year. Last year he made a deep run in the state tournament as he went all the way to regionals where he lost by one point that would of qualified him for state.

 “It’s a very exciting time to be a wrestler,” said Nick May. “I am looking forward to see how the team improves on last season”

The team looks forward to build upon their success from last year. They came one match short in bringing a district title back to Norrix in the team events.

The team has put a lot of hard work in the weight room to become bigger and stronger than their opponents. Many of the wrestlers competed in WAAM wrestling which is a travel-wrestling program.

 “It helps critique our technique, it also gives us time to learn new moves,” said Nick May.

During the offseason, wrestlers have to stay in shape so many of them participate in travel wrestling.  Also the team conditions every day after school to make sure they are in the best shape that they can be in.

The wrestling season should be a good one for the Knights. They look forward to bringing home a district title that they came so close to getting last season. Having the title of being the best wrestling team in the District is a huge accomplishment and the Knights have the talent and mindset to do so.  Evan Wheat, sophomore at Loy Norrix, looks to improve on his record and win districts for his weight class. Others on the team look forward to improve on their personal skills and their personal records.

Wrestling is not a highly attended sporting event, but if you have the chance to go to one, come support our Knights. It will be an experience that you will never forget.  Wrestlers are excited to compete and battle during their season. Go Knights.