Technology Will Lead to the End of Social Skills

By Laura Lewy, guest writer.
Communication technology has such an important impact that we need to start taking into account its effects on our lives. What are the pros and cons? Do we use it in a bad way?
Thanks to the technology, we can easily keep in touch with people who live a long way away, get fast access to information, favorable for business, make new friends online, makes life easier, and everything goes faster. Obviously, communication technology has numerous advantages; nevertheless, the disadvantages are countless.
Unfortunately, teenagers are using communication technology in a bad way, they need to learn how to use it better. In fact, they are spending all of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram and are starting to become addicted to those social networks.
“People are losing their social skills and only talk to their virtual friends,” said sophomore Zoe Scrackangast, “They are wasting time that could be used for other things like sports, volunteering or going out with real friends.”
Moreover, we don’t pay attention to what people say around us when we are on our smartphone. Human beings are so busy with their phone that they don’t have time to sit down and have a real conversation. We are alone together.
“I’ve noticed that there is not one lunch where my friends don’t have their phones in their hands. We don’t have interesting discussions anymore,” said senior Luisa Stock.
Communication technology hurts daily relationships between people. We tend to avoid face-to-face conversation. Nowadays, human beings cannot do a simple task without the help of a smartphone.
“We are becoming mechanical,” said Scrackangast.
Another negative aspect of technology is that it’s related to diseases. Many scientists believe that radiation from mobile phones may cause blurring vision, lack of sleep, headaches and earaches and may be the reason of cancer. Have you ever notice that when you read a book in the evening, you fall much more faster asleep than when you’re on your phone?
Lastly, communication technology can also be really dangerous. Children are likely to be cyberbullied online and they can also easily give away personal information.
“I’ve been approached by a stranger on Skype when I was a child and I must admit that I didn’t see the danger,” said Senior Aude Kuzniak.
Communication technology is a wonderful discover, however, we definitely need to learn to use it in a better way.