Letters to The Editor


Dear Editor,

First off, I want to say that Clayton Barker’s article on honeybees was very well done. The research was thoroughly sought after, and the writing was easy to understand. This topic isn’t well known, and yet it is a serious global issue. I’m glad Barker’s article taught people the possible dangers of losing the honeybee. You’re a great writer Mr. Barker and i’d like to read more of your work next year.

Some suggestions to improve your work would be to use more meaningful words. Also when your writing I would recommend thinking in a new reader’s perspective so that an average person could easily make sense of your writing. Great job overall.

Sincerely, Jackson Couch


Dear Editor,

In the May 2015 edition of the school newspaper that arrived today an article titled “ISIS Gains popularity in the US” was published on the second page. While most of the article was adequately written , the statistics given were misleading. If only 180 or so U.S. citizens were known to support the Islamic State extremists, compared with thousands of recruit in Europe and elsewhere, this is a very inconsiderable number among the over 20 million U.S. total population. Therefore, the danger exists but is minimal compared to ones in Europe.

Sincerely, Koichi Anderson 12th grade


Dear Editor,

I liked Ginny Creamers article about senior challenges in their final year. The part about unfulfilled expectations and comparison to peers really stood out to me. It’s important that Ginny addressed these problems, and it’s important that seniors can find a way to be confident in themselves and their decisions. The article about dressing for interviews was interesting as well. I think that for most teen jobs, saying skirts should be at least knee length is a little extreme. I also didn’t understand why the article only told women explicitly to dress modestly. While the article told men what to wear, it told women what to cover up. While this seems like a specfic, even petty point, I think it’s important to teach people to not be ashamed of their bodies by using more positive language.

Sincerely, Anna Derango 12th grade


Dear Editor,

I read the article about comparative religion and the discussion about having an optional class at public schools that will teach the students about different religions.

To be honest I think it’s a good idea. Back in Spain I go to a Christian school where religion is a required class if you want to graduate. I’m not Christian, my family is, but i don’t believe on that, and you really don’t need to for that class.

But we live in a world full of different cultures, where people are faithful to different beliefs, and we should learn about it.

A comparative religion class I think it would help to understand the way other people think, students would learn about things they maybe don’t agree with, but they’d also learn how to respect them.

That’s why I think schools, parents and students should think about it and be open minded.

Sincerely, Maria Redondo


Dear Editor,

I read “Hillary Clinton: Campaigning to make history.” I like how the article explained who Hillary Clinton was. Also how it informed us on the history of women. Personally I didn’t know women had ran before. It is interesting seeing the evolution of women.

Sincerely, Deborah Williams