Watching Horror Movies is Good For Your Health

By Mia May, guest writer.
If people are telling you you’re lazy because you’re always laying on the couch watching movies. Now you can tell them differently, thanks to horror movies, movies are good for your health.
Horror movies always have the creepy locations, jump scares, and the big dramatic endings. It can get your pulse going, your adrenaline pumping and when you get panicked, you happen to end up screaming in terror.
“They don’t scare me,” said sophomore D’Andre Gladney, “except jump scares, they scare me.”
Some people dislike horror movies, but others actually love being scared and the adrenaline from it all.
“I absolutely love the rush,” said freshman Devin Dortch.
Freshman Chloe Trattles is getting ready to watch the movie Sleepy Hollow.
“I love scary movies,” said Trattles.
According to ‘We Got This Covered’ studied at the University of Westminster, in the UK, when you watch a horror movie it helps you lose as much calories as a small chocolate bar. For example, the movie ‘The Shining’ can help you lose up to 184 calories. The movie gets your pulse going because it scares most people.
We all know that we like to have snacks when we watch movies so instead of eating junk food, you could have something healthy and delicious.
According to ‘LIVESTRONG fitness,’ unbuttered and unsalted popcorn has actually very few calories. No more trips to the gym, the University of Westminster said if you watch 10 to 15 horror movies that equals a trip to the gym.
Horror movies are good for your health because not all calories have to be burned at the gym, they can be burned sitting on your couch at home doing nothing.