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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The forensics team mascot Loy enjoys Marquette Park after a successful tournament.  This plushie joins the Forensics Team in all of their tournaments throughout the season and has become a valuable member of the team.
Go goose: Forensics Team takes flight to Mackinac Island’s tournament
Josephine Velo and Amelia Wood May 28, 2024

On Friday, May 17, the Forensics Team piled onto the Mackinac ferry and said goodbye to the mainland. The fancy Grand Hotel, fudge and a...

A sign promotes a garage sale in the Westnedge Hill neighborhood. On Saturday, there were many signs around town promoting the sale.
The Westnedge Hill Neighborhood garage sales bring the community together in one special day
Rosie Hill and Alice Damashek May 28, 2024

Connecting with neighbors and spending time outside can be difficult nowadays. Weather, lack of neighborhood activities, construction, the growth...

Loy Norrix Athletic Director Andrew Laboe sends 10 Knights off to college at the annual signing day event.
Loy Norrix Athletics congratulates seniors playing sports in college
Ethan Williams and Max Berlin May 24, 2024

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Publication Policy:
If you have an opinion about an article in our paper or something we’ve said, write to us! Your letter to the editor must be 250 words or less and must contain your (the author’s) name, grade, third hour period, and ID number.
Guest columns and personal opinion pieces may be withheld if the piece contains libel or obscenities, disrupts the school environment, invades the privacy of others, or if space is limited.
Direct your Letter to the Editor to:
Loy Norrix Knight Life
606 E Kilgore
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Submit to Room K6
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I read “Deadpool Breaks Superhero Standards.” I thought it was very detailed and that the author spent their time writing it. I wouldn’t add anything because it was a good summary of the movie and if you add too much then it’ll ruin it for people who still haven’t seen it yet. I would like to see more movie review type articles because they’re fun and spice up the school news.

Sophomore, Mike Wilson

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Letter Grades: It’s Time to Consider an Alternate Assessment.” I thought it was really interesting and caused me to think about a prevalent issue that is often times overlooked. I would have liked a few more perspectives and a little more depth on how a new grading system would affect the world beyond the classroom. For example, analyzing how eradicating grades and replacing them with narrative accounts would affect getting hired for certain jobs would be interesting.

Freshman, Julia Rudlaff

Dear Editor,
I recently read the article “Loy Norrix Advocated for Fewer Standardized Tests,” and I have to say that it was very detailed and precise! I remember arriving at school and seeing them [the protesters]. I do agree that we need more time learning instead of goofy tests, and I am glad teachers are taking a stand. Schools should do more to reduce these standardized tests, though the ACT and SAT are required by many colleges, M-STEP and MEAP are not so what is the point [of taking them]?
I read also in the article that over 9 thousand public schools participated in the walk-in, it shows me that teachers DO care about their students getting an education and took the time and effort to support them. Such a great article and I really enjoyed it!

Junior, Sydnee Arrasmith

Dear Editor,
I read “The Realistic Cost of Prom” and “[Have] A Fairy-Tale Prom Without Going Bankrupt,” I thought that these articles are well thought out and well put together. I would like to see more freshman involved with it [the newspaper]. I would like to see a Q&A from freshman. I see seniors and juniors a lot. As a freshman, I would like you to add the thoughts of other freshman. I would like to see how the freshman are handling themselves with sports and everything.

Freshman, Chloe Trattles

Dear Editor,
I read “Illegal Immigration: An Unknown Key Role in Society” written by Vanessa Rodriguez and I really enjoyed [it]. I thought it was well written and she made great points. I learned a lot about my own ideologies on immigration and how wording plays a huge role in people’s ideas on immigration. I myself am an immigrant and it angers me that the U.S. government and their people love to use the word “illegal” so freely. It first confuses me how a human being can be deemed illegal. It makes no sense to me and I feel like it’s been hasty generalization of all immigrants. Not everyone is “illegal” some of us just don’t have the right papers yet. Overall, it was great and I hope many people take time to read it.

Senior, Sarah Giramia

Dear Editor,
I real the article “[Have] A Fairytale Prom Without Going Bankrupt.” I thought it was a realistic article. Many people spend up to $1,000 on prom. I got a prom dress for free along with shoes and jewelry at The Cinderella Project. I would like to see more people focused on the memories and fun of prom instead of fashion/money.

Senior, Aubrey Leppen

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Xanax: Rise of the Hidden Danger” by Kendra Curtis. I thought that her point stating [about] marijuana is completely covering up the issue of high school students abusing prescription drugs, especially Xanax. This article did an excellent job of pointing out just how dangerous these drugs can be and how common their use is.
One of the most astonishing things to me about this article was the description of how Xanax affects the user and the relationship between that and the use of alcohol. The fact that they are so similar is a grave issue that needs to be looked at more closely.

Sophomore, Alex Vonhof

Dear Editor,
I read “Loy Norrix Softball Commits Their Outfield to the Next Level.” I really like the article because it concentrates on three specific players and the quotes of Ray Lohner highlight their skills.
I would like to see more about sports and specific athletes because I think they are an important part of Norrix.

Senior, Luisa Stock

Dear Editor,
I read the article, “Students Volunteer at Winter Special Olympics.” I really liked this article because it tells what great things Loy Norrix students do, and how we help our community. I went to Timber Ridge Ski Area in Gobles, Michigan in the 5th grade. It was really fun. So I can only imagine how much fun it was now. When I do the Health Sciences next year I hope I can help in the same way.

Sophomore, Princess Cross

Dear Editor,
I read “[Have] A Fairy Tale Prom Without Going Bankrupt.” I thought it gave a lot of good ideas for people that don’t want to spend tons of money at prom. I would like to add from a girl’s point of view, prom is a very big part of high school for me. When I get asked my senior year, I want it to be perfect. My way of perfect can’t be on a budget either.

Freshman, Kamryn Stratton

Dear Editor,
In the article “The DARK Act: Denying the American’s the Right to Know,” I thought that this article was very informative. Being someone who is really into knowing what’s in my food and such, I loved this article. The fact that GMO’s came out in 1996 and 50 percent more of Americans had food allergies. Knowing this is really upsetting because there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t control what they do and don’t do put in my food. It honestly makes me sick and I can’t trust the food I’m eating. What makes me even more upset is people know about this and are still eating food with GMO’s and gluten.

Senior, Alexis Bell

Dear Editor,
I read “Teens Struggling with Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder” and I thought of how nice it is to expose and explain something that not many people know about and believe if those that have it, they are immediately deemed as crazy. However, I would like to add that the term ADD is an outdated way to identify those solely with predominantly inattentive presentation. Also, I would like to recommend interviewing more than one person, even if you are close friends, I would like to see a more in depth description of the three categories of ADHD, instead of one small paragraph that barely manages to squeeze them in.

Junior, Montana Conrad

Dear Editor,
I read “Letter Grades: It’s Time to Consider an Alternate Assessment.” I thought the article was well written and gave a lot of valid points. I agree that the grading system we have isn’t fair to everyone. But like stated, it’s hard to find an alternative here with a school so large. Students go to an extent to pass a class and they should be learning instead of just trying to get through.

Senior, Ahnissah Myles

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Practicing Intersectional Feminism at Loy Norrix.” I think this article provides some much needed clarification on the definition of feminism. It clearly and precisely covered some feminism history that might not be as well-known. I liked that it did not shy away from what some might consider to be uncomfortable topics. I liked that [it] included what this club can [and] will do for the community.
I also believe this article leaves most readers feeling encouraged to learn more, or go to a meeting. I personally used to feel reserved about attending. Mostly due to doubts on whether or not the club would actually be able to achieve intersectionality. However, this article has made me consider and I plan to renew my efforts to attend meetings.

Sophomore, Izzy Wikle

Dear Editor,
I read the article, “A Fairytale Prom Without Going Bankrupt.” I thought this article was really cool especially the page with cartoons on it. However, I feel as if you could leave out one of the sentences that suggests nobody will know how much you spent because that gets repeated. It would be a little more interesting if you described how much fun prom is in the beginning in a few paragraphs to intrigue us more.

Freshman, Rebecca Taplin

Dear Editor,
I read the article “CHAMPS Treats High School Students Like Preschoolers.” I thought it was a good article because it states what most of us have been thinking and talking about to each other. Nobody likes CHAMPS and nobody thinks we should go along with it. I like how the editor talked about how it’s stuff more [towards] middle school and how we’re all old enough to know right from wrong basically. This was a good article all together. I’m glad that someone has finally said what everyone has been thinking.

Junior, Karah Brewer

Dear Editor,
I read “More Time Learning! Less Time Testing!” article. I thought it was a great article and I agree that we should spend a lot more time learning than taking all of these standardized tests that stress us out. We spend way more time testing than we spend going over class work
or studying things. We don’t get a lot of time to prepare for the test and they expect us to do perfect on it. The SAT is reasonable, it helps us know what college we will get in to based on what we know.

Junior, Tiondra Blakes

Dear Editor,
I read “An Astrological Change In Identity Shocks Everyone,” by Caitlin Commissaris. The article itself was very well written and informative, but as someone with a tattoo of their original zodiac sign I have to say I disagree with the addition of Ophiuchus. It’s almost ridiculous, astrologers expecting people to accept a new sign into their lives after being used to 100’s of years of the same 12 zodiac signs. Personally, I relate to Taurus so much more than Aries and I’m not even as involved in the Zodiac as others!
Astrology can make up a part of someone’s identity and changing that is like forcing a person to change their name. Many people, including me, won’t accept this new addition.

Sophomore, Abigail Lindblade

Dear Editor,
I read “Practicing Self Care in High School Is Essential,” by Maggie Lager. I think it’s great writing and I agree with it completely. Lots of high schoolers these days have so much going on that they forgot to put themselves first. Something I would like to see in the future would maybe be something not so much about physical health but mental. I feel like both are important in high school and I would love to read more about what you can do when stressed or feeling negative!

Junior, Madeline Skiles

Dear Editor,
I read “Tragedy in Kalamazoo Shocks City.” I thought it was very informational and interesting to read and hear about. I thought it was heartless for him to shoot these victims in the  back and not look them in the face. I think it was very brave for Tiana Carruthers to take those bullets for her kids and everyone else who might have took a bullet. We should fight to stop gun  violence and be stronger for the families of the victims.

Junior, Jennifer Marcinkowski

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