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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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Ace Hardware
Photo taken by Jonathan Moreau from Flickr
A Year in Review: NFL fans around Loy Norrix reflect on their favorite team’s season
Max Berlin, Assistant Sports Editor • February 26, 2024

For many Norrix students, National Football League (NFL) Sundays are one of the most anticipated days of the week. Not many feelings can compare...

Henry Wilson and Michael McDonald discuss in refs position.  The wrestlers often talk through the movements while practicing.
Wrestling provides strength and discipline but demands dedication and hard work
Alexander Velo, Staff Writer • February 23, 2024

Out of all the after school activities Loy Norrix students can participate in, wrestling is one of the most time-and energy-consuming. After...

Knights of the Round Table Podcast #2
Knights of the Round Table Podcast #2
Flora Harper, News & Opinion Editor • February 23, 2024

Letters to the Editor, in Response to Issue 5

Letters to the Editor Publication Policy:
If you have an opinion about an article in our paper or something we’ve said, write to us! Your letter to the editor must be 250 words or less and must contain your (the author’s) name, grade, third hour period, and ID number.
Guest columns and personal opinion pieces may be withheld if the piece contains libel or obscenities, disrupts the school environment, invades the privacy of others, or if space is limited.
Direct your Letter to the Editor to:
Loy Norrix Knight Life
606 E Kilgore
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Submit to Room K6
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I sorta like the paper, but then again it’s a little boring. I feel that way because which teenager wants to hear about an airport being bombed? That’s not something I would want to read about.
I feel that there should be more things in the paper about sports and also what is going on around the halls of Loy Norrix.

Sophomore, Falon Williams

Dear Editor,
I read “The Tragic Bombing Devastates Brussels.” I really thought this was well-written and very interesting. It is important that the people of the world protect each other and we really need to take care of this ISIS threat before it gets out of hand. I’ve read that over 13,000 ISIS members/supporters were either American or from a country far away from the middle east. This article has made me open my eyes more and weighing how everything plays out.

Freshman, Damon Town

Dear Editor,
I read, “Tragic Bombing Devastates Brussels.” I think the bombings were horrible and they need to stop. It is devastating how many people got injured or impacted by this. We need to stop the terrorists bombings and take control. We need to be more cautious of suspicious people and luggage.
We should be watching essential apps and people using them because you never know what will happen. We could have more terrorist bombings, you never know. I hope this is wake-up call for NATO and the government.

Junior, Jennifer Marcinkowski.

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Senior Glow Up” questions and found the answers to be really encouraging to the lower classmen who are slackers, self conscious or shy. I read “I used the hate how awkward and weird I was, but now I’ve learned to just embrace it.” This is a great mindset to have. I think it was nice to have seniors reflect on their past years of high school.

Junior, Sydnee Arrasmith

Dear Editor,
I love reading the newspaper. I love to see what is going on around the school. I like to see all the advice the seniors have to give. When the seniors give advice it’s always the same thing. It’s “don’t skip class,” “study hard and finish,” or “make sure you put in the work,” but everyone tells us that. I want to hear some actual advice that I haven’t heard before. Yes, the stories and the seniors and their mistakes are common things that are going to happen. Yes, everyone is going to skip class in high school. I want to hear about how people tried to get you to do stuff and how to handle it. I want to hear the real stuff not the basic stuff.

Freshman, Chloe Trattles

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Advanced Placement Art Prepares Students for Their Future” and I liked it. I’m an AP Studio Art student and I enjoyed reading the short article. I had a blast in the class and it was great meeting all of the seniors in the pictures. They’re all amazing artists.
I think you should’ve gotten quotes from more students and Cindy Vanlieu. I also think you should’ve added how sophomores, juniors and seniors take this class. It’s not like any other AP class, and I appreciate that Ms. Cindy Vanlieu is able to teach a class like it.

Junior, Curnica Landwer

Dear Editor,
I read “Advanced Placement Art Prepares Students for their Future,” by Makenna Sandt, and I quite liked how the article exposed just how valuable the class can be. As I have friends in the AP art class, I know for sure it isn’t an easy course, but you can achieve many wonderful things from it. I’m glad that it’s been shown to be just as useful as any other AP class or sports team. Thank you.

Junior, Montana Conrad

Dear Editor,
In response to: “Reading is the Key to Success: Put Down that Phone.”
Okay, one: The terms “phone people” and “book people” sounds like a pretentious self-serving idea that those are two very different things when, in this article, you bring up a lot of points that show books and phones are that different.
Two: I’d like to make a counterpoint. Some people, like myself, have trouble reading with traditional books whether it’s ADD or reading-related disabilities. As a kid, I would check out audiobooks because staying on one thing was, and is, difficult for me.
In your article, you say “phones are addictive and provide many more distractions than a book,” which is very against what you say later on in the article. Your concluding paragraphs all talk about how you can never put a good book down and how even when you can’t stand how the author killed off your favorite character, you’re still willing to buy their new book. Besides obvious physicalities, I don’t see how being addicted to your phone can be different to being addicted to a good book.
Another thing, some people are visual learners, meaning they have trouble understanding things without a visual.
I understand that some people prefer books over phones for entertainment, but you shouldn’t bash people for not being as well-read as you. Even if people don’t like reading, that doesn’t mean they won’t amount to anything.

Sophomore, Tyler Wilger

Dear Editor,
I read “Reading is the Key to Success: Put Down That Phone” by Dagnija Tomsons. I really enjoyed the article because cell phone overuse has become a disease in modern culture. They have become our unhealthy obsession that reaps no reward. With the rise of cell-phone and electronic-culminated culture, the appreciation for literature is declining, which could prove to be detrimental to the progress of our society. Thus, this article did a great job in raising awareness about the problem of cell phone overuse and the remedy: literature.
However, the article could be improved by elaborating on a few aspects of phone overuse. For example, I would have enjoyed a further explanation on how phones are deemed as rude and impersonal while touching on the need for conversation. Additionally, I disagree with the author on the part that books are easier to put down than phones. Personally, I find myself bored and merely pacified when scrolling through social media, but I am always extremely engaged and engulfed by novels. Overall, the article was great and I hope people read it and are encouraged to scroll less and read more.

Freshman, Julia Rudlaff

Dear Editor,
I read your news report in Knight Life and I really enjoyed it. Even though it’s my first year at Loy Norrix High School, I’m excited they’re redoing the school. Although I don’t think they should change the glass windows in the school, it makes the school unique. They should keep the color too.
I’m glad I read the article because I didn’t know they were redoing the school. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the new school when it’s done. The article was great. I enjoyed reading your part.

Junior, Tiondra Blakes

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Loy Norrix Curb Appeal is About to Increase,” by Carsten Strand. May I just personally say that it’s about dang time?! Seriously, this school’s inner workings are whack. For god sakes there’s practically a climate zone change between different parts of the school. And a school in Michigan really shouldn’t have heating problems. Besides that though, I really hope the auditorium gets a redo. As a member of stage crew (the group that maintains the auditorium and works productions year round), I know that it really needs it.

Sophomore, Glenna Aldag

Dear Editor,
I think Loy Norrix is about 65 years old, not that new of a school. Central is a lot newer than Norrix. Central looks like it’s only 10 years old. Who knows though it may be 46 years old. Just from looking from the outside it looks very new. Norrix, from the outside, looks like it needs some work.
The inside of Norrix also needs an upgrade. Everything looks very old. Bathrooms are very nasty and things just fall apart. Especially the men’s bathroom. I think that it’s time for Norrix to be upgraded.

Freshman, Haile Andrews

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Students Donate Blood Despite Fears,” by Jonathan Lo. Giving blood is something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s really important to me. There have been a few people who were very close to me and couldn’t get blood transfusions they required and ended up hospitalized. It’s so vital to donate blood because so many people can be helped by it. I hate needles, a lot, but I still plan on donating blood because it’s the right thing to do. A small fear of needles or pricks shouldn’t stop you from saving someone’s life.

Sophomore, Abigail Lindblade

Dear Editor,
I read your article “Students Donate Blood Despite Fears” and liked it. It really shows [how] us students at Loy Norrix don’t put ourselves forward and we like to help others. I donated blood this year despite my incredible fear of needles and I felt good about it after. Students can really help others in such a simple way and it’s nice. It’s great to see people do things they don’t want to in order to make a difference.

Junior, Erika Wagoner

Dear Editor,
I read the article, “How Old School Rap Influenced Music,” by Ruby Hensley. I like this article because it was focused on my favorite type of music, rap. I too have listened to the music from the group “A Tribe Called Quest.”
Old school rap, I would say, has also influenced other rappers in our day in time. For example, the group “NWA,” J. Cole, Drake, Tupac and many more. They all seem to tell the real life struggles of our everyday lives and that’s what I like about rap music the most. It’s all about the reality to me.

Sophomore, Princess Cross

Dear Editor,
I read the article, ”Moving on: Seniors Prepare to Leave Their Athletic Stage.” This article accurately shows the struggle that a lot of high school athletes face. Me as a junior, I am both excited and terrified for the end of my athletic career here at Loy Norrix because I will miss competing here with my friends.

Junior, Joe Hruska

Dear Editor,
I read “Home Life Vs. Dorm Life” by Cindy Bravo. I think that this article was well timed considering that many seniors are now thinking about their future plans. The author also used some good statistics. Which many readers find intriguing. However, I think the article could use some slightly more advanced language. It makes the article sound kind of immature. Which distracts from their credibility on their topic.

Sophomore, Izzy Wikle

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Letters to the Editor, in Response to Issue 5