Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed your piece on the People’s Choice Awards. It was a good representation of the concept, and really shows what the awards are all about. I believe that the awards gave a good recognition to those who may deserve it but don’t necessarily get it.
I also believe that the awards represent a difference between middle school and high school. For example, most middle schools don’t necessarily recognize good or outstanding students and people. I never got anything close to an award in middle school. I am a freshman, and I have already received a sportsmanship medal for cross country, an academic excellence award, an award for S.W.O.R.D., and a People’s Choice Award.

  • Colin Carnell, freshman

Dear Editor,
I think that the senior section and prom section were good things to add. Since it’s the seniors last year in high school, I think that adding sections about them was a good way to give them recognition for being here at Loy Norrix. I also like the fact that you guys took the time to mention Loy Norrix prom night. Overall the whole newspaper was good, people really enjoy reading them.

  • Inve Williams, freshman

Dear Editor,
I thought that the article about friendships and politics was extremely interesting. I often ask myself if I should let my political views interfere with people I enjoy. I would prefer if most people had similar views with me about it [politics], but I do have friends who disagree. Learning to accept and respect makes friendships stronger.

  • Camille Bistrek, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Prom Style Knights Edition.” What was mentioned in this short article are all things that I can, without a doubt, relate to. In fact, I am sure that many students can relate to it but, nevertheless, I find statements in this article to be so true, that is for me.

  • Deon Kelley, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I’m glad you people are sane. In your newspaper you listed dabbing and bottle flipping as worst trends. That is good progress in the right direction. I would give that part of the paper a 9/10. It would have been 10/10 if you included fidget spinners under worst trends. I am glad our school isn’t full of normies who are clueless about everything.

  • Joe Bannon, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read the article about being an exchange student. I liked how you used examples of how people feel about being a new student in another country. I also liked how you used direct quotes. How you expressed that Jasmina was homesick showed better details about how exchange students cope with missing their family. Overall it was a little long, however, it was interesting.

  • Ashley Papie, freshman

Dear Editor,
I loved the tattoo portion of the newspaper. It was cool to see everyone’s ink and the reason behind the tattoos. It made me even more excited to get mine.

  • Isabel Deary, junior

Dear Editor,
I love your latest issue of “Knight Life.” There is an article for each person’s personality and likings in Loy Norrix. For instance, I loved the articles about Syrian Refugees, the 90’s music article, and the article about blue lighting affecting sleep. When I read “Knight Life” I can really relate and connect with some of the articles and they really draw me into reading more. There are articles that don’t necessarily catch my eye as well. Some are the student guitarists and the showcasing of the local artist. Although they don’t interest me as much as some of the other articles do, I know that there are many other students/people who love articles of that nature. “Knight Life” is a very diverse and well put together newspaper. Keep it up!

  • Olivia Ely, sophomore