Letters to the Editor


Loy Norrix students write letters to the editor to express their feelings on the newspaper.
Dear Editor,
Upon reading “Foreign Exchange Students Acclimate to American Culture”, by Hannah Stempky in Knight Life, I realized how different life can be in another country. Also, it would be cool for those students to get to know another culture. It must be really different for them and that’s an interesting concept to think about. They get to see a completely different atmosphere which is good life experience along with good soul practice. It allows them to understand culture and how it can affect people’s everyday lives.
Having foreign exchange students is beneficial for american students as well. Loy Norrix can be told what school is like in another country. I learned that schools in belgium have longer days and a longer lunch. It seems as if schools are smaller in other countries. Reading this article makes me want to go to another country to study for school and for culture.
Sincerely, Keliece Flowers
Dear Editor,
One of my biggest problems with school are the lunches that are served. All the unhealthy meals being fed to growing students is extremely bad for their health. Schools need to seriously start better enforcing healthy eating other than just a few words about “eat your vegetables”.
There needs to be more fruits and vegetables served at lunch instead of just chips and cookies. The number of obese teenagers in America is way too high and schools need to start doing something new to stop it.
Sincerely, Kenzie Fox
Dear Editor,
I read “Summer of Sorrow” I feel that it is a very sad thing that is going on i should know i live on reed and race. it is very dangerous around my street. even though nothing happens on my street at all. But we have nothing to worry about what goes on around it.
I really don’t like living there but its not that big of a deal. you can feel the sadness in the air around that part of town. I do not like it at all it is too sad. I knew most of the people that were in that situation around my street. I also really like the way you out this article together.
From, Austin West
Dear Editor,
In reading the article “Students Become Resourceful to Escape the ID Bind” I feel that some students would use that everyday but some students would honestly forget because they wouldn’t put it in their backpacks or even on Mondays because they were running late.
I feel that some days they should ease off on IDs like Mondays. Some students are in a bad mood because they had to wake up early from the weekend and they don’t want their day any worse because they don’t have their ID.
Sincerely, Andrea Simpson
Dear Editor,
I read “U-Knight Against the Blues”. I found in the beginning of the article I thought that the main idea was that the kind of blue it was didn’t matter. Then by the end it said it did and that it should all be the same navy blue. I feel that the idea of the article is a little unclear at first.
I like what the article was about though. I do think that all the uniforms and spirit wear should be the same kind of blue. It also gave some information about the band and their uniforms which was cool.
Sincerely, Tihnae Bennett
Dear Editor,
I read the “Gap Years have a Negative Aura but Often Produce a Positive Effect” and I thought it was well done and really pointed out some critical things. Even though I am a freshman and haven’t really thought of my future much, I think it is actually a good thing to take a while off before going to college right away. It would give people like myself time to actually think about my future and to be able to experience some things before college. Also, some or a lot of students don’t have a chosen college they are aiming for and are needing extra time to think about it.
This newspaper itself was really good but it should probably have some more club information in it. Like new clubs that just opened or club achievements and also students work should be in it. For examples of students work it should be a poem they wrote or a great piece of art. After all is said and done this is a good article/ newspaper in all.
Sincerely, Matthew Williams
Dear Editor,
I really liked the “Sophomores Love Non-Freshman Life” article. Myself being a freshman this year found everything in this article true. I have been called so many names, been made fun of because how short I am and more. I was terrified my first few days seeing how much bigger everyone is and seeing kids with facial hair.
Freshman year is going by fast and isn’t as bad as I expected, yet I don’t want to be the “youngest” anymore. I can’t wait to be a sophomore. I like to see how class of 2019 reacts to high school. I must admit I get super nervous being jammed in with a group of upperclassmen. It’s also very different having three out of five hours with upperclassmen.
Your article made me excited to finish off my freshman year and start my sophomore year. I also heard it was much more “exciting”. Thanks for putting this article into the Knight Life Newspaper.
Sincerely, Kaleigh Burnett
Dear Editor,
No study halls. What is that? I’m 100% certain that everyone could benefit from a study hall period. What would have a study hall period have to include? Well, a quiet space for students to work in for an hour, a space to sleep if needed, and a place where students can receive help. All of this could be provided if we were given a study hall period.
A lot of students don’t get to finish their work at home. They could be in a bad environment, not have access to the materials they need, or they just don’t have enough time in the day to get all of their homework done. Family issues, sports or other club activities could cause this. Students could also benefit from having a quiet place to take a little nap. Teachers could also benefit by not having to constantly wake students up or feel like they are wasting their time on sleeping students. Students that are allowed a little naptime will be more focused and ready to learn in class. A study hall period could greatly benefit everyone in the school.
From, Arya Malmgren
Dear Editor,
I read the article on page two of this falls newspaper, titled “U-Knight against the Blues.” It offered an argument as to the reasons why our school ought to adopt a unified blue color scheme. However, I disagree, and feel that as long as some shade or hue of blue is used, that is acceptable. For example, on the baseball teams, we have had different colors over the years, and I think it keeps us from looking to monotone.
From, Koichi Anderson
Dear Editor,
A school related issue; especially here at Loy Norrix is the dress code policy. It’s more of an issue to the students than the staff, parents, or community. The students all seem to have a general concern with it they just don’t like it, or it’s dumb. But my problem with it goes into deeper meanings. The answer from staff of school systems have been that the guys get distracted if the girls wear tank tops or yoga pants. Why are the rules being made to where a girl can’t show her shoulders but a guy can usually wear his pants to his knees? I feel schools are teaching young women conformity to men. As long as the guys get an education, that’s all that matters.
From, Madeline Skiles
Dear Editor,
The biggest school related problem is bullying. Bullying needs to be stopped. People are actually going home and killing themselves because the jerks at school are bullying them. Right now there is nothing we can do about it, we need to make a plan to put an end to it. Bullying is destroying our population in our world. Bullying is the worst problem in school.
From, Leondre Anderson
Dear Editor,
I think that the article on the ballet dancer was really cool. It’s nice to see some positive people in our school. We hear too much about people who have no goals and it’s a nice change. You can never have too many dedicated people setting an example. We need to have more like this helping to better our community.
This also helps showcase a student’s individuality. Often we feel lost among so many different people. This is a way for the school to make someone feel special. She and how much she strives will also inspire students. I would like to see more articles like this in the future.
From, Gaia Bogan