Baseball: Stuck in America’s Past


Major League Baseball (MLB) is fading out of American tradition every summer, as attendance in the stands are on the decline (ESPN). “56 percent of people consider themselves a fan of professional baseball, compared to 63 percent of people who were fans of the National Football League (NFL),” according to Gallup polls.
In another Gallup poll conducted in 2004, baseball is the third most popular sport to watch, behind football and basketball. Given this information, it may not be accurate to call baseball America’s favorite sport.
“I didn’t know it was,” said freshman Trent Curtis when told that baseball had been overtaken by football as America’s favorite sport.
When he began to ponder on why this may be the case, he came up with his own thesis that “football has more action and violence” while “baseball is not as interesting all the time.”
However, some Loy Norrix students still believe that baseball is the most watched sport in the nation.
“I feel those statistics (Gallup Poll) are false. Baseball is America’s sport,” said senior Christain Heintzelman.
Heintzelman was not the only one who believed the polling agency that has been chronicling “reactions to the events that have changed our world” since 1935 (Gallup) was wrong.
“I feel baseball is more watched and present,” said senior Tanner Franklin.
Sometimes it is hard for fans to accept the awful truth.
“Home runs per team, per game in MLB have been on a steady decline since the early twenty first century,” according to Sports Illustrated.
In relation to this, the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys, were able to fill their stadium to 108.8% of it’s capacity this year (Bleacher Report). Is this a coincidence? I think not. Fans are seeking more entertainment for their hard earned money.
“Baseball has historically been America’s greatest sport, and it’s sad to see a declining interest,” said senior Traver Parlato.
With the fall of one sport, there will certainly be a rise in another. As the torch gets passed from baseball to football, one can only ask, will baseball return as America’s favorite sport?