Letters to the Editor

Students reply to Feature: 
Dear Editor,
I read “Two Different Generations, One Passion for Comic Books.” I think it grabbed my attention more because it featured my friend Liam Dalrymple. Normally when I talk with him, he seems like he doesn’t care much about anything. But I feel that after I read the article, it really opened my eyes and made me realize that he was really interested in comic books, and that everyone has something they like, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I would like to see more of what hobbies people have, because I may get to know people a bit more than I do now.

  • Ethan Semelbawer, freshman


Students reply to Local and National Issues: 

Dear Editor,

In your article “Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States,” I was excited to hear how other students felt about the election. I liked that you interviewed people from different grades, races and genders. It was interesting that you showed not only people who were displeased with the outcome of the election (like me) but also people who were excited about the new president-elect. Hearing about people with viewpoints similar to the ones I have is a relief but it also makes me even more mad at the outcome of the election.

  • Zoe Brown, sophomore

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the opinions on the presidential election [“Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States”]. Although they were very serious opinions, I found myself laughing. I quite honestly am afraid also about the choices Trump may make. Just like the others, I too was surprised Trump was elected. He gives off an immature child-like attitude. But I honestly I think we went wrong when we left Trump and Clinton as the last options. But we’ll see how it pans out.

  • Darius Boyd, sophomore

Students reply to Opinion: 

Dear Editor,

Being someone who suffers from insomnia and is slowly getting over a concussion, I agree with this article [“High School Students Face Physical and Emotional Challenges Due to not Getting Enough Sleep”] fully. According to sleepfoundation.org, they say that sleep is something that helps you eat better and manage the stress of being a teen. I know I myself struggle with staying awake and staying focused, as well as, I myself have problems with an appetite and energy. So, in my opinion a later start time would probably help tremendously.

  • Kimberly Webber, senior

Dear Editor,
     I read “Counterpoint: We Can Save The World Through Conscious Evolution” and I believe it was brilliantly written. I feel very similarly in that there needs to be a proactive solution to our problem and that people dwell too much on the problem and that itself. Admitting something is wrong is always the first step, but it was cool to see an approach to the issue instead of saying “we’re doomed because of…”

  • Andrew DeHaan, senior

Dear Editor,

I read “High School Students Face Physical And Emotional Challenges Due To Lack Of Sleep.” I thought the article was very true and well-written. As a high school student, I also felt what it is like to come to school all tired and sleepy. I have a lot of friends who are dealing with this problem. It is true that high school students face many competing stressors that exacerbate sleep loss. Schools that start 7:30 or earlier should respond to this problem by starting school a little later.

  • Josh Oriz, sophomore

Dear Editor,

In the article “Comparing and Contrasting: iPhone 6 and iPhone 7,” Erika Wagoner does a good job showing the differences between the phones. However, as I have an iPhone 7 myself, I would disagree with the comments made about its difficulties. No headphone jack doesn’t trouble me at all, the adapter is easy to use and can basically just become a part of your old earbuds. Overall, I love my new phone so I can’t say I would agree with most of the article.

  • Sophie Nielsen, senior

Students reply to Sports: 

Dear Editor,

I read “Kalamazoo Celebrates College Gameday.” I think this was good that ESPN College Gameday came to our city because it brings everybody together and it’s also a positive recognition because our city always has something negative coming out of it, but not always. I would like to see PJ Fleck come back home and lead WMU football. RTB!

  • Federico Martinez, senior

Students reply to Basketball: 

Dear Editor,

Your story about Takary Dreams and William Wright [“New Knights Make a Giant Switch”] was a great article to read. It was very interesting and now I have learned some of their side of the story. I am a freshman basketball player for the Norrix freshman basketball team and I know Will and Takary, and they are real good peers and they are good mentors to me. But with reading this article, now I truly see why they chose to be a Knight.

I also liked seeing other players that play on the varsity teams perspective of Will and Takary becoming Knights. It seems like everybody is getting to like them and they have become a big asset [to] the school and to the Loy Norrix basketball team.

  • Quincy Ellis, freshman

Dear Editor,

One of the articles I really like was about the new Knights on the basketball team coming from Central [“New Knights Make a Giant Switch”]. It was nice hearing that they like it more. Playing here really lifts any bad impressions of Loy Norrix. I also think it’s cool because it’s gotta be tough switching schools like that. It’d be really different.

Another article I liked was the one about the election [“Donald Trump Elected 45th President of the United States”]. It’s really cool knowing everyone’s opinion on it and it was different knowing a lot of people thought the same. Like most of them talked about against Trump. Just thought there’d be a bigger variety.

  • Tyler Rivere, junior

Students reply to A&E: 

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Fundamentals of Health Science” by Meghan Lewis. I thought it was quite interesting. In fact it made me want to take the class myself when I’m a junior or senior.

I’ve already planned to work in the medical field as a nurse, and the way it was explained I’d think it would be a good experience for me. Especially when I could potentially earn college credits.

  • Amiria Wallace, freshman

Students reply to Staff Choices: 

Dear Editor,

I really like the paper when I see it and read it, but I’ve always been triggered by a few things in the newspaper. Like when a person’s name is spelled wrong numerous times because you don’t just check how you spell the name. Or also when you interview people, it always seems to be repetitive with the topics, and when you do sports you only focus on the main sports like football, basketball, swim etc. But you’ve never interviewed any sports or any after school activities that need more attention. Such as wrestling, weight lifting, sports conditioning etc. And I feel like if you show extra or at least some attention to activities that aren’t really talked about, we would have more school spirit. It’s just the small things that aren’t noticed.

  • Sierra Misner, sophomore