Diverse Section of Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I read “An Insight Into Loy Norrix Stage Crew” and I thought it was a good way to see the help that is needed, while also giving the reader a closer look at the audience doesn’t seen on stage. I don’t think the people behind the curtains get enough credit for what they do. This was  a great way to show some appreciation for them.

  • Kim C., sophomore

Dear Editor,
I liked the little segment on how teens annoy their parents because I enjoyed reading the variety of responses on how the teens do so, but a small problem is  the lack of diversity between grades. You mostly asked juniors and seniors, when there is plenty of sophomores and freshmen to choose from too because everyone’s perception is different. So more of a variety means more funny stories in the future.

  • Natalie Olinger, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read “What Teens do to Annoy Their Parents.” I liked how every student that they asked had a different response to the question. Also, how each person differently annoys their parents. Like I annoy my parents as well, but I tell them all the good things I’ve done, so I get what I want from them.

  • Ximena Vasquez, freshman

Dear Editor,
On the “Teacher Contract Negotiations put a strain on Kalamazoo Public Schools and it’s Teachers” section of the newspaper article, I think that it’s necessary for teachers to be paid more for the hard work and effort that they put in for their students, because they deserve it with enrollment and test scores frequently going up, they should be earning the paychecks that they worked hard for.

  • Ben Rumph, junior

Dear Editor,
The opinion that Hollywood struggles to create new material is a very good opinion about the latest streaming movies. We the audience should have our input about the movie because we are the ones watching. I really liked how you quoted other people’s opinions. Overall, I agree with your point of view because moviemakers have not created any well created  and scary movies. Moviemakers have run out of ideas and they advertise to catch the audience’s eye. Movie industries should use their creativity to make new and interesting movies, and not just [use] previously made movies with more action. Overall, some people don’t go to the movies because they are not interesting or they are a repeat.

  • Angelique Garcia, freshman

Dear Editor,
To the writer behind the article titled “Schools Need To Be More Realistic Regarding Advanced Placement Classes,” I find the subject of the article presented very well, with heavy appeals to the emotions and reasoning of the audience. The presentation of AP courses here undoubtedly does lead me to agree with the statement that the “current handling of them needs to be reevaluated.”

  • Mayamiko Kadaluku, senior

Dear Editor,
I noticed there wasn’t anything on the riot or fighting in the school. I understand trying to stay positive, but we need to discuss schools issues. Like the issue with Prewitt and how it’s affecting the school. Students deserve to know what’s going on.

  • Sadie Vorva, junior

Dear Editor,
My opinions on Loy Norrix’s fresher and cleaner look is a good look. But my opinion on sunlight is a no. In my opinion, I can learn and get in the mood for learning, and teachers get more creative when they can customize and such, some teachers like to get all artsy and customize their rooms, which I think is pretty neat. It’s not so boring and doesn’t look like such a classroom. Overall though, my opinion on the fresher newer look is cool and I never liked all the windows so much, I think they should do some more work on the wings, like putting bricks in the walls like they did in the K wing.

  • Ash Velasco, junior

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Don’t be a Bystander, Stand Up and Help” by Julia Perry. I really love this article because it is about how you should speak up when you see people in need of help. I think that everyone should intervene when someone needs help, because you would want someone to help if you needed it.

  • Amariah Talley, senior