Students Respond to Issue 5: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The EFE and EFA program is a wonderful opportunity for students to work hands on. I read the article about this program and i think it’s such a great idea. This EFE happens to be Robotics and Electronics. This provides a hands on learning experience for students interested in going into the engineering electrical field using the latest technology and the most experienced professional instructors.

– Heather Vanderbilt

Dear Editor,

I liked the senior section and the part where they gave advice. You guys make this school interesting, that’s why i love reading it. You should put a suggestion page where people suggest books, movies, cool places to go and other things. Thank you.

– Sarah Giramia

Dear Editor,

I read the article on the kalamazoo promise. Every time i hear someone talk about the kalamazoo promiseit just lights up my world to know that i have 95% paid for college. Better than nothing. But  the kalamazoo promise is such a great opportunity and it’s something to take advantage of. Just because everyone doesn’t get it. There are people fortunate enough to get it.

– Heather Vanderbilt


I wanted to share with you and the other Knight Life staff how great the paper has been all year. I shared the recent issue with my mom. She was very impressed by the articles and made positive remarks about the quality of the articles.

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