Junior Listens to 90’s Rock Band, Nirvana

Jonnie Palone

Junior Josh Killingsworth is often seen listening to the 90’s rock band in the halls. He listens to Nirvana on a daily basis. Photo Credit / Chris Hybels
He reaches into his pockets and pulls out his headphones and fumbles to untangle them frantically so he can plug them into his iPod and escape the stress of everyday life.
Josh Killingsworth, junior at Loy Norrix High School enjoys listening to music on his free time, specifically the 90’s grunge rock band Nirvana. Killingsworth likes Nirvana because he can connect with their music and relate it to his life.
Released in 1993, Nirvana’s second single from their third album was the song “Rape Me.” The song “Rape Me” was the first song Killingsworth heard by Nirvana, in the seventh grade as he was going through changes. This song stood out to him. He downloaded it from iTunes cause he was interested in the band.
According to Justin Gregg, a long time Nirvana fan club president, Nirvana wrote this song as a message against violence towards women and in support of women’s equality. Many women get raped and Nirvana wrote this song from the view of a feminist.
“Nirvana was unique from all others,” said Killingsworth.
Nirvana has sold over 30 million copies of their hit album, “Nevermind”
According to James Montgomery a reporter for MTV, this exceeds its initial target of only 200 thousand copies.
Killingsworth is one of the many people that continue to listen to Nirvana on a regular basis; he listens to them every day.
The front man of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain was depressed regularly. He wrote his songs to cope his feelings. Killingsworth also uses Nirvana’s songs for the same reason they were written.
“Nirvana is a coping mechanism, they help me when I’m down,” said Killingsworth.
Nirvana’s music was sold as vinyl, cassette, and even CD’s.
“I listen to Nirvana on my iPod anytime and anywhere I get a chance,” said Killingsworth.
Nirvana has inspired Killingsworth to be himself and respect others for who they are.
“Nirvana is an escape from everyday life. It makes me feel pure bliss,” said Killingsworth.