Students Respond With Appreciation

Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed this editions newspaper. I don’t read the paper here very often but this one was impressive. I love the way our school incorporates its students into our paper. It isn’t just a report, it is our entire student body telling a story. The section on tattoos and stick pokes is a great way to show the view of tattoos over the years has changed. The Portage vs. Kalamazoo story was a good way of bringing social media into our school. Overall I think this paper was a great way to keep our school involved.

  • Isaiah Hobson, junior

Dear Editor,
One of my favorite sections of the Knight Life is the “Letters to the Editor” section. It is interesting because after reading the articles, you can have an opinion about them from others- what they liked, what they got from them… thus this makes me consider them from a different perspective. I find this section really helpful also for the writers of the newspaper, who will probably be happy to hear positive feedback or constructive critics; not to mention how satisfied some students may be when they find their letter- and sometimes their names- on the paper, even if they are not part of the staff.
This is still a great edition… good job!

  • Flavia Cocchi, senior