Class of 2015 Graduates from High School


Photo Credit: Sophia Boismer
Photo Credit: Sophia Boismer

Dressed in gowns, caps, cords, and stoles, the Class of 2015 walked proudly around the perimeter of the K-Wings stadium in alphabetical order, with about 12-15 ft between them. As they walked, they heard the loving cheers of the friends and family who came to see them mark the end of their high school career.
After all the graduates filed in and were seated, Imara Bowers sang the national anthem that commenced the ceremony.
The speech that started the ceremony was given by Iyana Williams.
“Don’t do things because you have to, do things because you want to,” said student speaker Williams in her welcome speech.
America Edwards and Ansaia Turner followed up with heartwarming speeches about the memories of their time in high school and the great things that their class would accomplish.
Following that came speeches from Dean of Students, Atiba KcKissack, and Superintendent, Michael Rice.
Rice stressed how fortunate this class is to have the Kalamazoo Promise. The Kalamazoo Promise that will help out greatly with their journey through college.
Rice then declared the Class of 2015, a class graduating with the Kalamazoo Promise, graduates.
The graduates then came up to the stage to symbolically get the thing they spent 13 years working toward, their diploma. At this time though, they only retrieved their diploma cover.
When the student’s names were called, they walked up the ramp to the stage with glowing, prideful faces. After retrieving their diploma cover, they shook hands with Principal Rodney Prewitt, took a picture, then were sent on their way to their seats.
Through the year, Samuel Seagle and Olivia Stier worked on the class of 2015’s senior video. On the K-Wings big screen, the crowd could see the highlights of senior year. It showed the class being a supportive student section at games, bonds of friendship that will never be broken, and even the reaction of seniors eating extremely hot peppers.
Naomi Sarelis led the turning of the Tassel Ceremony. Moving the tassel from the right to the left, the class of 2015 were declared, once again, official graduates.
Then, like a proud father saying good to his children, Prewitt gave a closing speech that pointed the class in the right direction.
For four years these students have been through nine exam final weeks, countless hours of studying, pep rallies, and sports events where they got to show their school spirit. So for one more time, the words to the familiar Knights song came up on the screen.
“Go Loy Norrix, Go Loy Norrix!” chanted the crowed.
The class sang the fight song that they used to scream at the opposite team at football games.
“…Hail to White and Blue…” sang the graduates.
The class then threw their caps up into the year in celebration, never forgetting: Once a Knight, Always a Knight.